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Lists / I Ended Up at James Madison University: Here's Where Else I Applied

I Ended Up at James Madison University: Here's Where Else I Applied

Created by MegHartman

While I’m very happy with my decision to attend James Madison University, it was not an easy one. When I finished my initial college search, I had around 30 colleges I was considering applying to. I was looking for a school that was far but not too far (ideally around 4 hours away), had big school spirit with a traditional college feel, had around 20,000 students, and was most importantly affordable. I ended up narrowing my list of 30 down to 12 schools, which are the schools I ended up applying to below.

College of Charleston

  • College of Charleston
    Charleston, SC 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate76%
  • College of Charleston was an outlier in my college process. It was by far my furthest school (13 hours away from home), one of the smallest schools I applied to, and the only one in a city. I applied because I loved the city of Charleston and wanted to have a city option if I ended up wanting that. I was accepted to their honors college and received merit and financial aid scholarships, which made it one of my least expensive schools. I ended up not attending CofC because, despite the scholarships, I worried the cost of living in Charleston would be too expensive, and I thought it was too far away from home.

    Rowan University

  • Rowan University
    Glassboro, NJ 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate77%
  • I was already very familiar with Rowan University when I applied since my only sibling and both my parents went there for college. I already knew I would be happy if I went to Rowan, but my acceptance to the honors college and a scholarship offers which made it my least expensive option by far left me very tempted to go to Rowan. In the end, I decided I wanted to pave my own path and go out of state for college (but Rowan will always have a piece of my heart <3)

    Miami University

  • Miami University
    Oxford, OH 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate88%
  • When making my final decisions on where to attend college, Miami University was my first choice and James Madison University was my second. I had visited Miami once and loved it, and for most of the time leading up to decision day it was my first choice. I had been offered a scholarship and really like their tuition guarantee, but I ended up picking JMU because I was offered a scholarship that made it less expensive than Miami. I was also accepted to JMU’s honors college while I had been rejected from Miami’s, and JMU was significantly closer to home.

    University of Georgia

  • University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate43%
  • University of Georgia was the only reach school I applied to, and I ended up getting rejected. I never really intended to attend UGA because of its distance from home, so I wasn’t upset by this decision. I mostly applied because I felt I needed a reach school, and UGA was an attainable reach that had the state school feel I wanted from my college.

    East Carolina University

  • East Carolina University
    Greenville, NC 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate92%
  • I applied to East Carolina University as a safety because of its great school spirit and was accepted but with no honors college or scholarships. I cut it off of my list once I found out I wouldn’t get any money.

    Susquehanna University

  • Susquehanna University
    Selinsgrove, PA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate88%
  • I applied to Susquehanna as a safety because it was close to home and had an amazing study abroad program. I was accepted with their maximum merit scholarship, but I decided early on I didn’t want to attend Susquehanna because it was smaller than I was looking for and didn’t have the sports and school spirit I wanted.

    The College of New Jersey

  • The College of New Jersey
    Ewing, NJ 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate64%
  • The College of New Jersey was a harder target for me, but I ended up being accepted. That being said, I got accepted into my second choice major and didn’t receive honors college or any scholarships. I decided early not to go to TCNJ because it was smaller/lacking school spirit, and more expensive in-state than a good amount of my out of state options.

    West Virginia University

  • West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance RateN.A.
  • I applied to West Virginia University as a safety, and I was accepted with honors college and a merit scholarship. I liked WVU because of its school spirit and their major options, but after I toured, I decided that the campus was not for me.

    Syracuse University

  • Syracuse University
    Syracuse, NY 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate52%
  • Syracuse was the very first college I toured, and it instantly became my dream school. I loved the school spirit, the campus, the academics, everything about Syracuse was what I wanted in a college. I toured the fall of my junior year of high school, and by the time I got my acceptance in April of my senior year, I was no longer in love with it the way I was when I toured. It ended up being out of my budget which I was expecting, but despite thinking I would be crushed, I was ok with how things turned out.

    University of Connecticut

  • University of Connecticut
    Storrs, CT 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate56%
  • Early on in my college admissions process, University of Connecticut was at the top of my list. I loved it when I visited. It was the perfect distance from home, and it had the school spirit that I wanted so badly. I was accepted but, sadly, I was not offered any scholarships which made it way out of my budget.

    Appalachian State University

  • Appalachian State University
    Boone, NC 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate83%
  • Appalachian State University was also very high up on my list nearing decision day because of its beautiful campus and its amazing football team. I was accepted to Watauga Residential College, waitlisted to their honors program, and even though I hadn’t received a scholarship, it was inexpensive out of state. I ended up not choosing App State mainly because of how far it was from home, but I had amazing experiences with everyone I met there!

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