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Create Your College List


Create Your College List

Research Schools. Save Your Faves. Build Your List.

With your list, you can favorite schools, explain why a college was added, and decide if you want to be public or private.


Curate Your Own Collection of Colleges

Choose any topic. Then add schools that stand out and notes on why you picked them.

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Share Your Admission Stats on Your College List

There are thousands of colleges and universities out there; narrowing them all down to a list of schools you want to apply to is a big and important task. View results from other CC users and create a list of your favorite colleges is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Search for schools under the college tab

Step 2: Click the heart icon to save the schools you're considering.

Step 3: View all the schools on your list by clicking the heart icon on the top of the screen.

Step 4: Set admission stats on your college list and share it with the CC Community

Step 5: View results from other CC users under the results tab

Shareable Lists on College Confidential


Ready to create your list?

If you haven't already, register with CC to unlock list features.
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Four Steps to Choose Where to Apply to College

School list

Refine Your List

Aim to choose between 6-12 schools for your list, depending on your goals. You can always add or remove schools.
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