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Articles / Campus Life / James Madison University: Get a Glimpse Info Life For JMU Students

James Madison University: Get a Glimpse Info Life For JMU Students

M Written by Meghan Hartman | Oct. 27, 2022
Photo courtesy of Meghan Hartman

Day in the Life of a JMU Student

One of the things that helped me most when picking where to go to college was looking at what a day in the life of students actually looked like. This week, I decided to film a day in my life at James Madison University to help anyone looking at JMU or just looking at colleges in general see what a day in the life looks like for me.

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8:00 – Wake Up & Get Ready

I filmed this video on one of my early days this semester. I’m not a morning person, but I try to get up an hour and a half before before my first class so I’m not as tired when I get there. In the morning I make my bed, brush my teeth, do my skincare routine (sometimes), make coffee, pack my bag, eat a small snack, then I’ll either just relax or do some work before it’s time to walk to class.

9:35 – Class #1

My first class of the day was SMAD 201: Foundations of Visual Communication Design. It is one of my major classes and is a design class. We’re currently learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, so we were doing peer reviewer of a poster project we are making via Illustrator.

11:00 – Trip to the Oasis

After my class, I visited the Oasis in our Student Success Center. It’s located on the third floor within the Counseling Center and is meant to be a quiet place for students to relax. I love going here between classes to destress and relax. It has massage chairs, a small area to do yoga or just lay down, is dimly light, and has running water which makes for such a relaxing environment.

11:30 – Lunch

I stayed in the Student Success Center for lunch this day and went down to the second floor where Bistro 1908 and Auntie Anne’s are located. Bistro 1908 offers Italian food, and I did the build your own pasta option, which is a punch with my meal plan. I got a strawberry lemonade from Auntie Anne, which takes our meal plan’s dining dollars.

12:45 – Class #2

My second class of the day was SOCI 110: Social Issues in a Global Context. This is one of my general education courses, and it’s one of two lecture hall classes I have this semester.

See what's happening at on campus right now with the live JMU Quad Cam.

2:20 – Class #3

My last class was SMAD 202: Foundations of Audio-Visual Storytelling. This is another one of my major classes, and this one is focused on all things video and audio related. On this day, my professor was introducing a video editing project and explaining how to use iMovie for the project. Other projects we’ve done so far is filming a PSA in our school’s broadcast news station an audio project where we practiced recording our voice and editing music in the background

3:30 – Back to Dorm

After my third class, I finally head back to my dorm on Greek Row. The walk back is all downhill and goes right along Newman Lake, so I love the walk. This day I had already finished my work so I just went back to my room and relaxed, but a lot of days I will go to Carrier Library and grab Starbucks and get some of my work done.

5:45 – Dinner

For dinner, I went over to east campus and had a sorority family dinner at E-hall. E-hall is one of our two all you can eat dining halls, so you just swipe in for a punch and can eat whatever you want with no limit. Chicken nugget Thursday is a big deal at JMU, and it’s only at e-hall so we had to go. There is also a big debate a JMU on whether D-Hall (the main campus dining hall) or E-Hall (the east campus dining hall), and I always pick E-Hall as someone who lived on east freshman year.

Watch the short video below to see what D-Hall is like.

9:00 – Homecoming Concert

This weekend was JMU Homecoming, and every year I’ve been at JMU we have had a homecoming concert at Atlantic Bank Union Center on east campus. Last year we had Jason Derulo, and this year we had Flo Milli! Tickets are $15-30 for students depending on where you sit, and it such a good deal for such a fun concert on campus!

Learn How Meghan Ended up at JMU

Not that you've gotten a glimpse into a day in her life as a JMU student, see where else Meghan applied and why she chose JMU.

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Written by


Meghan Hartman

Meghan Hartman is a sophomore at James Madison University from New Jersey. She’s currently studying Media Art and Design, with a concentration in Creative Advertising and a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. Her main involvement at JMU is in the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, where she lives in the sorority house and is a member of the executive board. Outside of school, she loves to read and hopes to one day work in the publishing industry. She also enjoys traveling and plans on studying abroad her junior year.

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