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Articles / Campus Life / Insights on Northeastern University: Applying, Greek Life, and Adjusting to College Life

Insights on Northeastern University: Applying, Greek Life, and Adjusting to College Life

Written by College Confidential | May 22, 2023

In this episode of "Admitted: The College Confidential Podcast," Delaney Rowe, a freshman attending Northeastern University, shares her insights on applying to Northeastern, transitioning to college life, and more. From choosing a major to joining Greek life and adjusting to a new place thousands of miles from home–Delaney's perspective offers valuable lessons for prospective and current college students alike.

Listen to the full interview, or watch the video and read some of Delaney's top tips and insights below.

Tip 1: Demonstrate Interest in Your Top Choice

Northeastern University first caught Delaney's attention during a fall break trip with her mother, where they visited several universities in New York and Boston. Delaney was drawn to Northeastern because it ticked all the boxes on her wish list–it offered a blend of campus and city life, and a strong business major. After her visit, she decided to apply early action to Northeastern, which would allow her to find out if she got in early without making a binding commitment.

As the college application process unfolded, Delaney started doubting her decision to apply early action instead of early decision (Northeastern offers early action, and EDI and II). She realized that Northeastern was her top choice and applying early decision might give her a leg up in the competitive application process because it would show the school that she was committed to attending. Delaney made a last-minute switch, changing her application from early action to Early Decision II. Despite the uncertainty, she trusted her instincts and took the leap.

Delaney's decision to apply EDII paid off when she received her acceptance in early February. She believes that her decision to switch from EA to ED significantly boosted her chances of acceptance.

For those considering Northeastern, Delaney underscores the importance of demonstrating interest during the application process and suggests attending campus tours or virtual information sessions to get a better sense of the university's environment. When it comes time to apply, Delaney says, "Just really focus on your application... pour a lot into your personal statement."

Tip 2: Embrace Change and Keep Busy For a Smooth Transition

Delaney is from Arizona, and so Northeastern is far from home. Adjusting to life in a new city thousands of miles from home wasn't always easy, but Delaney leaned into the change and threw herself into college life. She found that a packed schedule of activities helped her make a smooth transition to college. Delaney says, "Keeping busy helps me from getting homesick...having a schedule and routine of stuff to do."

She encourages students just beginning college to get involved in campus activities and events. "Jump into everything," she says. "Push yourself to join as much as you can at first... see all that there is to offer."

Tip 3: Keep an Open Mind About Greek Life

Delaney grew up with family members who were in fraternities and sororities, so she had seen firsthand the lifelong bonds and benefits of going Greek. However, she had some reservations about rushing based on videos she saw posted on social media and stereotypes about fraternities and sororities in movies. Delaney decided to keep an open mind and attend an orientation for Greek life at Northeastern. She quickly realized that what she'd seen online and in the media did not align with her personal experience. Delaney found the recruitment process at Northeastern to be more laid-back and welcoming than she expected.

She advises incoming students to approach Greek life with an open mind and to stay true to themselves throughout the process. Ultimately, Delaney ended up rushing and joining Alpha Chi Omega. She emphasizes that choosing one Greek organization at Northeastern doesn't mean you can't socialize with others. "You’re not just confined to whichever sorority you end up in…" She says, "Everyone's friends at the end of the day... it's a very collaborative environment."

Tip 4: Explore Your Interests Before Committing to a Major

Delaney initially entered college as an undecided business major, uncertain about her future career path. However, through active exploration and involvement, she found her passion in finance. Delaney shares, "I joined the Women in Finance club... and through that, I was able to learn a lot about Finance... and that kind of nailed it for me." Getting involved in extracurriculars helped her make a more informed decision about her academic and career goals.

Looking back at the end of her first year, Delaney is confident that she made the right choice in selecting Northeastern. The combination of her research, campus visits, and the application process culminated in an outcome that exceeded her expectations. Delaney has wise advice for anyone embarking a new phase, whether you're just starting the college process or gearing for up for graduation. "The key to going into any new phase in life is having an open mind and being welcoming of change."

See Delaney's tips on visiting Northeastern, the essay that got her in, and the other schools Delaney applied to.

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