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    Colleges for a 31 ACT Score

    31 is an excellent ACT score. The highest ACT score possible is a 36. An average ACT score is 20, so 31 is well-above average. If you earned a 31 on the ACT, congratulations!

    Students who score a composite score of 31 on the ACT have a national rank of 95. National rank is the number of students who score lower than a certain ACT score. Students with a 31 ACT scored better than 95 percent of all test-takers. Only 5 percent of students who took the ACT in the last few years scored higher than a 31.

    Many highly-selective colleges look for ACT scores ranging from 27-31. Top colleges and universities look for ACTs in the 32-36 range.

    From the forums:

    My son has his sights set on three ivies and a couple of top 20 schools. He got composite score of 31 on ACT. His grades and extracurricular are solid. Should he submit a 31?

    Top answer:

    Admissions officers at selective colleges are comparing “like” students so the question is whether a 31 is relatively advantageous, neutral or disadvantageous in your student’s competitive cohort. If he goes to a well-known Silicon valley school, I would not submit a 31. If he is an under-represented minority from a poor rural school in Mississippi, I would.

    See more responses on the CC forums and explore colleges for a 31 ACT score below.


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