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Articles / Preparing for College / 10 Summer Programs Still Open For Applications

10 Summer Programs Still Open For Applications

D Written by David Brunson | June 28, 2023
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Summer is here, marking one of the best times for motivated high schoolers to enroll in summer programs where they can diversify their extracurriculars and learn more about the subjects that interest them. Most summer programs have deadlines in mid-spring, but if you feel you have missed the boat for summer 2023—fear not! Many online and in-person programs are still accepting students on a rolling basis, with most beginning in July/August. But remember, get those applications in fast before these fill up too!

Indigo Research Institute Summer Intensive Research Program

SIRP is a six-week online program in which students conduct research on a topic that fascinates them. Participants can enroll in one of six courses—Computer Science, Economics, Genetics, Psychology, Anthropology, or the VIP Exclusive: Research Accelerator—where they will work alongside professors from universities like Cornell, Princeton, and Stanford in small groups of three to ten students. As they participate in workshops and seminars on research, data analysis, and the foundational concepts of their chosen field, students will develop a three to six-page paper and present their work to their class. Outstanding students may even have the chance to publish their findings!

Classes are held for three hours twice a week, and the program runs from July 10 to August 18.

Camp Integem: AI+3D AR Coding with Python and AI Edge Computing for Highschoolers

With space still available throughout July and into early August, Camp Integem’s coding camp is a perfect option for late applicants interested in holographic AI coding. Though no prior experience is required, students will advance to an intermediate level in Python, today's fastest-growing coding language. This program emphasizes Artificial Intelligence, considered by many experts to be the most important technological development of the 21st century. In addition to Python, students will use iCreator and TensorFlow to create 3D Holographic AR programs. Other elements include AI cloud computing, AI edge computing, UX design, and much more. The curriculum follows the Design Thinking process first developed by Stanford. A two-week, in-person program, Camp Integem is available in multiple locations across California.

Biolympiads Training Camps

For students looking to hone their scientific knowledge for competitions in biology and other STEM subjects, Biolympiads.com offers numerous online camps that accept students on a rolling basis. Once five students enroll, the course begins, meaning students can apply at any time. Training camps include numerous STEM-related courses, such as Biology, Neuroscience, and Medicine. All feature a combination of classes via Zoom, access to tutoring support through a 27/7 Skype group, one-on-one sessions with a Biology Olympiad Coach, and mock competition exams. Most classes last for two academic hours, with a 20-minute break in the middle. Weekly hours vary between courses, which you can see here. The international cohort of tutors includes numerous olympiad winners, all students or graduates of notable universities like MIT, the University of Glasgow, and Cambridge. Check out the details of each track on their website!

Georgetown University Pre-College Online Programs

Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C., Georgetown University is one of the top colleges in the country and is especially renowned for its programs in Law, International Relations, Political Science, and Foreign Service. Fortunately for high school students worldwide, Georgetown’s online pre-college classes are accepting applications until July 2nd. The available courses are Medicine, Law, International Relations, Surgery, Cybersecurity, Psychology, Medical Research, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Journalism and Media, International Law, and U.S. Politics and Government. Each course is available in three different modalities: one-week intensives, two-week sessions, and four-week sessions. Each program is designed around three learning advantages: one-on-one mentoring, a flexible learning environment of 20-30 hours of instruction, and a capstone project that critically analyzes a problem in your field.

Amazon Web Services Virtual Work-Experience Program

A Crimson Education program in partnership with Amazon, this work-experience internship partners students with Amazon to work on the development of Artificial Intelligence projects while also becoming certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud practitioner. The program runs from July 15-August 12, with applications closing on July 8. Interns receive training across the scope of Amazon Web Services. Product Management training includes strategic analysis and a hands-on customer delivery process that promotes technical skills in the context of consumer demand. Students will also learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and AI through an AWS Cloud micro-certification program, receiving training in cloud computing operations. At the end of the internship, they will earn a certification as an Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner. This virtual program follows a four-week schedule, with the first week dedicated to orientation and AWS, the second week to competency training, the third week to developing an AWS project, and the fourth week to pitching the project to Amazon representatives. Upon completing the project, participants receive a certificate and an AWS referral letter. Sign up before time runs out!

CATALYST by Winchester College: Rethinking Change Systems

How do we enact change? How can we turn ideas into practice? How can change be long-term and sustainable? All these questions and more will be explored in Winchester College’s virtual Rethinking Change Systems program. With the late July/early August two-week session still accepting applications, it’s not too late to enroll! The program investigates three different change systems—Technology and Innovation, Ethics and Philosophy, and Environment and Economies—all explored through teams undertaking interactive challenges, and by participating in roundtables with coaches and developing a change project. But the challenge doesn't end there. Before completing the program, students must develop a plan to make their change projects public by implementing them in their communities. Students also receive CATALYST transcripts demonstrating their fluency across the program’s six core competencies. Exceptional students may also earn letters of recommendation from Winchester College, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom.

Appleby College 2023 ESL Program

An advanced level of English is a non-negotiable for the top universities in the Anglosphere, and summer can be the perfect time for English Learners to hone their skills and master the language before college applications. That’s just what 12-16 year-olds will do at Appleby College in Oakville, Canada from July 31 to August 25. Students are sorted into classes according to their English level, where they participate in an immersive learning experience alongside peers from all over the world. The curriculum focuses on English for academic purposes, such as reading, writing, and communicating in collegiate and professional environments. At the Appleby College ESL Program, students also learn outside of the classroom by using English in daily situations with teachers, administrators, and peers. Activities include debates, games, leadership programs, and a student film festival. Everyone can participate in offsite trips to famous Canadian sites like Niagra Falls, Toronto, and Fort George, where they’ll get to put their English skills to the test. If you’re looking to brush up on your language skills, make sure you apply before the final spaces fill up!

Ratio 21: Pre-Med Bootcamp

With the July and August sessions still accepting applications, Ratio 21’s Pre-Med Bootcamp is a great option for high schoolers looking for last-minute virtual summer programs in Medicine. This month-long program allows aspiring health professionals to learn from doctors, residents, and med school students by participating in live and pre-recorded lectures and classes taught by leaders from top universities like Cornell, Harvard, and the University of Chicago. Students will have the opportunity to experience day-to-day life in the medical world by virtually shadowing doctors, while also getting an insider’s perspective on the pre-med application process. Additionally, students will be paired with a mentor to conduct a research project. There will also be opportunities to volunteer in the medical field, as well as a class on preparing for the MCAT. Though the first session has passed, Ratio 21 is still accepting applications for their July and August dates. All high schoolers are welcome to apply.

Ratio 21: Careers in Engineering

The second Ratio 21 program on this list, Careers in Engineering is a virtual summer program dedicated to exploring the role that engineers play in confronting climate change. Featuring program experts from Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, and UC Berkeley, and a roster of lecturers and guest speakers from elite universities, students engage with an overview of the engineering field by moving from the basic building blocks of the field—like math, science, and the principles of conducting testing—to the ins and outs of specific careers like Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. All of these conversations are linked through their connections to climate change: how can innovation in Engineering address one of humanity’s most pressing issues? In addition to Zoom sessions with engineers, students have the option to participate in virtual office hours to receive one-on-one support from instructors. The program runs from July 12-August 3, so there’s still time to apply.

iD Tech: Penn High School Coding Programs

iD Tech, in tandem with the University of Pennsylvania, offers three unique coding camps. Each two-week virtual course takes a deep dive into one of the most important contemporary programming languages: Javascript, C++, and Python. The Javascript course begins with the basics of the programming language, like coding, web development, and their applications, before moving into useful skills like debugging techniques and page design with HTML and CSS. Students will leave the program with a portfolio of Javascript projects they can use for college applications or employment. Seats are still available from mid-July until early August.

The C++ camp teaches students the fundamentals of the language, featuring a hands-on approach that emphasizes memory management and data types. Students work on 2D graphics, custom controls, and more. Students will leave with a solid foundation in C++, as well as a portfolio of projects they completed during the course. The camp is still accepting applications for the late July and early August dates.

Finally, the Python camp incorporates machine learning, AI, and data science into a holistic overview of the fastest-growing programming language. Students will hone their coding skills through variables, data types, and object-oriented concepts. With Python, coders will learn about machine learning through TensorFlow, MNIST, and CIFAR-10. At the end of the course, students will develop a program, create a neural network, and develop a portfolio of their work. The most popular of the three coding camps, Python is nearly at capacity, though it is still accepting a limited number of students for the July and August sessions. Get your applications in before applications close!

When to Enroll in Summer Programs

Most summer programs, especially residential programs, have deadlines from mid-winter to mid-spring. However, you may have recently developed an interest in a new field, you weren't accepted into your top program, your plans changed, or you simply want to add one more summer program before college application season rolls around. Fortunately, there are still options! All these programs present unique opportunities to dive into subjects as diverse as Law, Medicine, Philosophy, Coding, Engineering, and more. With the growing prominence of online education, it’s much easier to enroll in programs at the last minute without the hassle of planning trips and booking pricey last-minute flights. No matter what program you choose, you’re bound to have an enlightening and transformative experience.

Ready to Apply? One More Thing!

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David Brunson

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