College Confidential helps you find the best education for your career goals

What We Do
Finding and getting into a school is one thing. Figuring out what to do with your education is another. At College Confidential, we're here to help you tackle both.

We believe an education is one of the best ways to prepare for your future; but first, you have to think about what kind of future you want to prepare for. College Confidential helps you connect the dots between school and the career opportunities that follow to make sure you’re building the best educational path to your aspirations—whether that means community college, a four-year school, graduate program, or anything in between.

How We Do It
We bring candid community insights, expert advice, and career exploration under one roof for an all-in-one college and career planning experience.

College Confidential combines trusted expert advice with the world’s largest college forum to give you all the resources you need to get where you want to go—all in one place. Find your best fit schools with our school search tool, take steps toward your goals with our college and career resources, and get insider help on everything from admissions to being a first-generation student with articles written by subject matter experts. But don’t stop there. Find the support network you need to navigate challenges in our community forums, where students, parents, counselors, mentors, and alumni exchange candid firsthand perspectives and support each other to succeed.

How We're Different
We don't just get you to school—we get you beyond it, to a real-world career you'll love.

College Confidential was born from the threads of community, with students, parents, and counselors helping each other through the overwhelming process of getting into school. But as the world has changed, we’ve grown to meet its needs. With the rising cost of education and more people expecting to come out of school prepared for the workforce, College Confidential has joined forces with the career experts at Roadtrip Nation to help you build a bridge between your education and future career. As College Confidential continues to support a career mindset in school planning, you'll find Roadtrip Nation career content infused throughout the site, featuring real-world insights from professionals and alumni who've been down the path you're interested in. See how real people harnessed their education to build a fulfilling career—and use their advice to do the same for yourself.