Ivy League

The Daunting Size of Ivy League Applications

Ivy League Applications: Read any good books lately? What that question in the above heading really means is: Have you ever seen the size of some of those elite-college applications? If you haven’t, stand by for a reality check. Even with the “help” of the Common Application, thanks to the insidious add-on work required by ...


What To Do When You Finish Your Ivy Applications

Now What?: Ivy Application Next Steps After all that similar effort, you may need to regroup and get ready for additional application challenges. Once again, the best place to find out about what those may be is the College Confidential discussion forum. See you there.

The Anatomy of a Typical Ivy Application

Using a “typical” Ivy application as an example of what you can expect from this level of competition, then, let’s take a look at what lies inside. This should help to give you some perspective on what it takes to go Ivy. The cover. Yes, you should even pay attention to the cover. Beyond its ...


Ivy Babies: Preparing For Academic Excellence

Hey Kids This article is mainly for parents but, if you’re like most intrepid teens, you’ll probably want to stick your nose in here at least a little bit. We’re going to talk about children. You’re one of those, you know. There’ll be some “developmental” stuff that you might find boring, but there will also ...


The Art Of Writing Ivy League Admission Essays

In my humble opinion, the single biggest reason quality applicants get rejected from elite colleges is their inability to understand and execute essays. When people ask me, “Dave, wha’s the biggest problem you see among today’s high school students?” I don’t have to think twice: It’s their inability to formulate and articulate a convincing written ...


A Critic Of The “Ivy Babies” Mentality Speaks Up

The “Loud Angry Voice from Offstage” Tune in any evening on your average cable channel of choice and you’ll see the classic point-counterpoint “discussions” in progress (more accurately: “three-to-four people speaking loudly all at once”). In any event, regardless of our viewpoint, especially that which we’re discussing here, there will be naysayers, critics, and arrogant ...


College Essay Writing Help For Ivy Applicants

This will be a kind of intuitive essay-writing clinic. I’m going to show you examples of fine long essays and some short-response answers. Those, along with my supporting comments, will constitute our lessons. I’ll also provide you with a few excellent reference listings that will guide you to the best sources for knowledge on how ...


Vicarious Kid Syndrome: Parental Intent Impacts College Success

Let’s talk about motivations. One of the crucial fundamentals is analyzing the first thing that comes into your head about the elite college admissions process. Have you ever thought: “Hey, I never had the chance to go Ivy when I was a kid. So now, by gosh, my kid’s gonna get that chance”? If so, ...


Application Packaging: Taking Profile Marketing One Step Further

I use the phrase “application packaging” a lot. Most people don’t understand what I mean by it. Let me explain. First, some brief background: My experience in the fields of technical documentation, publications, and marketing taught me some valuable principles, many of which are directly applicable to elite college admissions. One of those key lessons ...


Disabling The Enabler: Resist The Urge To Become Enabling Parents

Now that we have that straight (and if you’re still with me), let’s talk about a common negative side effect of VKS: enabling. Are you a control freak? Did you always want to tie your child’s shoestrings for them, clean their room, or even do some of their homework? You could be an enabler. You’ll ...