Ivy League Admission

Myths and Truths About Applying to Ivy League Schools

Today’s article was written by Erica Cirino. When it comes to applying to college, there’s no one-size-fits all formula. Because every student is different, colleges weigh each student’s application differently. Further, some colleges place more weight on certain aspects of students’ applications, such as the admissions essay or standardized test scores. Applying to Ivy League ...


Penn Admission with 30 ACT?

Question: Is it possible for me to get into a highly competitive school, like Upenn, if I have an ACT score of a 30 (34 in math, 33 in English, 27 in reading, and 24 in science)? It would be irresponsible for “The Dean” to assess your admission odds at the University of Pennsylvania (or ...


What Subject Scores Are Needed for Cornell, Princeton, & Penn?

Question: How important are SAT II scores for the Ivy league application process? (specifically Cornell, Princeton, and Penn). I have a 4.0, am second in my class, and am president of honor society and leader of several other clubs. My Act composite was a 28. I got a 550 and 570 on my first two ...