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What's a College Collection?

A college collection is a group of schools that all fall into one category, like liberal arts schools in the South, schools with D1 swimming, or colleges where you can ski or go to the beach. Creating a collection of colleges is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Ready to Begin?

Step 1: Click "Lists" In the CC header and choose

Step 2: Browse collections created by the CC Community for inspiration

Step 3: Click the blue 'Add New List' button

Step 4: Pick a topic, choose schools, and write a couple lines about why you chose them

Step 5: Choose if you want your collection to be ranked or unranked, public or private

Step 6: Share your collection with friends, on social media, or in the CC Community forums

Step 7: Update your list or create a new one anytime!

Create Any Collections You Can Think Of!

The more the merrier.

Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

Browse Collections

Share Your College Knowledge In a Curated Collection

Ballroom-dancing vegan or a soccer-playing drummer?

You've been researching the best schools for your major, interests and lifestyle - now share your knowledge with others. Include where you're applying, and why. Who knows? You might just end up with a new friend.

Touring colleges?

Which schools moved up on your list and which fell off? Share what you loved – and what you didn't – about each college campus you toured.

College counselor?

Which schools do you love to recommend to different types of students, and why? Share your picks with the CC Community and your collection with your network.

Armchair admissions expert?

Spread your knowledge of different schools by creating best-college collections by school type, location, major and more


Explore Sample Collections

Did You Know? You Can Create a Private College List Too!

Create Your College List