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Lists / LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges

LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges

Created by College Confidential

Listed below are the top-ranked LGBTQ-Friendly colleges and universities in the United States. The list comes from the Campus Pride Index by Campus Pride, which is a database tool that ranks colleges based on the school’s commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity. Factors that are considered in the ranking system include LGBTQ policy inclusion, LGBTQ support & institutional commitment, LGBTQ academic life, LGBTQ student life, LGBTQ housing, LGBTQ campus safety, LGBTQ counseling & health, and LGBTQ recruitment & retention efforts. The top-ranked schools listed below all received 5 out of 5 stars on the Campus Pride Index.

Elon University

  • Elon University
    Elon, NC 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate78%
  • Elon University’s LGBTQ-friendly Campus Pride Index report card includes full stars overall, full stars in LGBTQ support & Institutional commitment, LGBTQ campus safety, and LGBTQ academic life. Additionally, the school scored highly in LGBTQ policy inclusion, LGBTQ student life, LGBTQ housing & residence life, LGBTQ recruitment & retention, and in LGBTQ counseling and health.

    Tufts University

  • Tufts University
    Medford, MA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate11%
  • Tufts University embraces its LGBTQ community through events and organizations, student groups, through the LGBT Center, and through its LGBTQ friendly campus. Through the Rainbow House, students can find LGBT-friendly housing, events, and student groups. Additionally, the school is located in the Boston area which is known for its rich LGBTQ life.

    Macalester College

  • Macalester College
    St. Paul, MN 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate27%
  • Macalester College offers a variety of programs and services to support the school’s LGBTQ community. In addition to the LGBTQ academic program and courses the school has the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, which is part of the Department of Multicultural Life. The GSRC is a student-powered organization created to make LGBTQ community and resources accessible for students.

    Guilford College

  • Guilford College
    Greensboro, NC 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate96%
  • Guilford College’s commitment to its LGBTQIA people is demonstrated by the school’s perfect score on the Campus Pride Index. The Multicultural Education Department helps foster education and celebration of inclusivity at the school. Through the Bayer Rustin Center for LGBTQ Activism, Education, and Reconciliation, student, faculty, and staff can find resources, workshops, events, and more.

    Portland State University

  • Portland State University
    Portland, OR 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate98%
  • Portland State University ranked an overall 5 of 5 stars with top scores in all categories. The Queer Resource Center on campus supports the LGBTQ community at the school by promoting advocacy, community, and celebration. This includes resources, events, and support. Additionally, the LGBTQ-friendly campus provides a variety of LGBTQ courses, and LGBTQ studies program, student and academic opportunities, LGBTQ counseling and support groups, and more.

    Kansas State University

  • Kansas State University
    Manhattan, KS 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate96%
  • Kansas State University received top ranks in all categories with the help of the school’s LGBT Resource Center that works to promote equity, respect, and social justice to all students through the program’s, outreach, and education. The resource center provides LGBTQ resources to help support the community, as well as staff to answer any questions. Additionally, the center can help students connect with a

    University of Vermont

  • University of Vermont
    Burlington, VT 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate64%
  • University of Vermont received a perfect score overall with a nearly perfect score in each subcategory. The LGBTQ friendly campus includes LGBTQ policy inclusion, LGBTQ support & institutional commitment, LGBTQ student and academic life, and more.

    Southern Oregon University

  • Southern Oregon University
    Ashland, OR 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate90%
  • Southern Oregon University received a full score overall with high ranking subcategory rankings. SOU provides a variety of LGBTQ resources including events, support groups, classes, and more. Through the Gender and Sexuality Justice center, the SOU community can find information about the wide variety of events, resources, and programming offered on campus. Through the center's website, students can also request services and resources online.

    Texas Tech University

  • Texas Tech University
    Lubbock, TX 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate68%
  • Texas Tech’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ is evident from the school’s perfect overall Campus Pride Index score, as well as the many services and opportunities available for student and staff. In addition to the many activities and support through the LGBTQIA Education & Engagement office, the university highlights its many events including the popular Big 12 LGBTQIA & Allies Summit.

    Southern Illinois University Carbondale

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Carbondale, IL 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate95%
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s commitment to their LGBTQ+ community is supported through university inclusivity in all areas including academic life, student life, campus safety, student housing, counseling, and more. The university’s LGBTQ Resource Center is a beacon of resources and opportunities including mentorship programs, events, and a special LGBTQ library.

    University of Louisville

  • University of Louisville
    Louisville, KY 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate66%
  • University of Louisville is committed to offering an intellectual, diverse, and inclusive environment through encouraging collaboration between campus and community organizations that support the LGBT community. On campus, students can find a variety to helpful resources, activities, events, and more through the LGBT Center.

    University of Michigan

  • University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate20%
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s full star rank demonstrates the school’s commitment to providing an LGBTQ friendly campus in all areas including student and academic life, housing, counseling, campus safety, and more. The school’s Spectrum Center is a space that supports the community through education, advocacy, and community building. The center provides a variety of resources including a health and wellness center, support and crisis response, grants and scholarships, and more. Students can get involved through mentorship programs, support groups and leadership opportunities. Additionally, the center provides educational resources, events, and other programs.

    University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • University of Nebraska at Kearney
    Kearney, NE 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate90%
  • University of Nebraska at Kearney’s goal is to provide a welcoming and affirming campus for everyone. They do so by making their campus LGBTQ friendly in all aspects from their LGBTQ policy inclusion to their LGBTQ academic and student life. The UNK Student Diversity & Inclusion and the UNK Gender & Sexuality Resource Office work to provide resources, events, and more to help students succeed and thrive.

    Augsburg University

  • Augsburg University
    Minneapolis, MN 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate76%
  • At Augsburg University, LGBTQIA+ Student Services is a support center that advises, advocates, and mentors students. The center is home to several student organizations including the Queer Indigenous and People of Color organization and the Queer Pride Alliance. Additionally, the university ranks high for its attention to LGBTQ friendly campus including LGBTQ friendly housing, counseling and health, safety, student and academic life, and more.

    Ithaca College

  • Ithaca College
    Ithaca, NY 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate78%
  • Ithaca College’s LGBTQ friendly campus is supported by their LGBTQ studies program, LGBTQ specific courses, LGBTQ roommate matching and living spaces, gender-inclusive housing, campus safety with trained campus police, LGBTQ counseling and support groups, and student life. The Center for LGBT education, Outreach & Services provides a welcoming and supported environment for the LGBTQ community at the school and offers a variety of resources, programs, support systems, leadership opportunities, and events.

    Lehigh University

  • Lehigh University
    Bethlehem, PA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate50%
  • Leigh University’s commitment to its LGBTQ community is demonstrated by the school’s commitment to inclusivity. In addition to LGBTQ resources, trained staff, and their LGBTQ policy inclusion, the school has a strong LGBTQ academic life and student life. The school’s Pride Center is a place where students can go to find community, resources, programs, assistance, and events.

    Princeton University

  • Princeton University
    Princeton, NJ 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate4%
  • Princeton University overall perfect score on the Campus Pride Index is a result of nearly perfect scores in every inclusion factors. This includes the inclusion of accessible university documents and applications, an LGBTQ resource center on campus, LGBTQ activities and organizations, an LGBTQ studies program and LGBTQ specific courses, roommate matching, on-campus hate crime prevention training, LGBTQ counseling and support groups, and more.

    Stanford University

  • Stanford University
    Stanford, CA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate4%
  • At Stanford University, the LGBTQ+ community is supported by the Queer Student Resources department. The QSR is home to a wide variety of resources, programming, activities, and events including GLAM – the Trans Action Week, Gender Liberation and Awareness Month, which is a month-long series of events to foster community through daily events.

    University of Oregon

  • University of Oregon
    Eugene, OR 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate93%
  • University of Oregon’s top ranking is a testament to the hard work of the LGBT Education and Support Services team that champions to provide resources for students. At the LGBTQA3 Alliance Student Office, students can find information about LGBTQIA+ events, a computer center with free printing, a study area with snacks, and an LGBTQIA+ library.

    Montclair State University

  • Montclair State University
    Montclair, NJ 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate91%
  • Montclair State University has a supportive LGBTQ Center highly favored by students of the university. The institution’s commitment to LGBTQ issues highlights a focus on providing unique academic, cultural, and social needs of LGBTQ students.

    George Mason University

  • George Mason University
    Fairfax, VA 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate91%
  • George Mason University offers LGBTQ+ specific programs, events, and activities on campus for students. The LGBTQ+ Resources Center at the university was started in 2002 and works to provide affirming programs, resources, and culture.

    Indiana University Bloomington

  • Indiana University Bloomington
    Bloomington, IN 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate85%
  • Indiana University, Bloomington perfect score can be attributed to its perfect score in almost every subcategory which highlights the school’s efforts to be LGBTQ+ friendly. Highlights of the schools efforts to being LGBTQ friendly include a resource center with responsibilities for LGBTQ students and other support systems for students, LGBTQ courses and an LGBTQ studies program, an on-campus LGBTQ student organization, and more.

    San Diego State University

  • San Diego State University
    San Diego, CA 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate38%
  • San Diego State University’s LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere is supported by the university’s Pride Center. The Pride Center facilitates on-campus awareness, student development, and provides support services and resources. Through the Pride Center, students can access Pride House, a peer mentorship program that helps students have a meaningful college experience.

    University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Eau Claire, WI 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate85%
  • UW-Eau Claire highlights commitment to LGBTQ Issues through support services, academic opportunities, events, and more. The Gender & Sexuality Resource Center is a beacon of resources, programs, and collaboration efforts to develop a LGBTQ+ friendly campus.

    Northern Kentucky University

  • Northern Kentucky University
    Highland Heights, KY 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate80%
  • At Northern Kentucky University 25% of the student population self-identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. The university is committed to creating an LGBTQ+ friendly environment on all levels from students to university leaders and cabinet members. The University offers a variety of programs, opportunities, activities and more available for students in all areas of academic life from housing to events to academics.

    University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

  • University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
    Green Bay, WI 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate88%
  • University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s commitment to their LGBTQ+ community is seen through the many resources and events they offer. The school’s Pride Center offers weekly events and resources. Additionally, the university’s commitment statement highlights a diligent task force that focuses on advocating for athletes who are transgender.

    The University of Texas at Dallas

  • The University of Texas at Dallas
    Richardson, TX 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate87%
  • University of Texas at Dallas provides a variety of opportunities, resources, and activities for the LGBTQ+ community including events organized through the Galerstein Gender Center. The GGC is also the home to the Resource Collection, a library of books on feminism and gender diversity as well as home to the first dedicated first dedicated lactation space on campus

    Kent State University

  • Kent State University
    Kent, OH 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate87%
  • Kent State’s LGBTQ Student Center mission is to advocate for and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression by providing support, programs, educational opportunities, and leadership development for the University and greater community. The LGBTQ Student Center is a place where the LBGTQ community and allies can find a safe space, resources, help, leadership opportunities, events, and more.

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Milwaukee, WI 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate98%
  • University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s most diverse and dynamic university. The school has a strong list of services for the LGBTQ + community including events, support services and community through the UWM LGBT Resource Center.

    Towson University

  • Towson University
    Towson, MD 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate88%
  • Towson University’s Center for Student Diversity works to empower students through opportunities and resources. The LGBTQ+ Student Development Program, available through the center, supports students and works to make the university a more inclusive campus. Additionally, as a 5 of 5 star rated campus on the Campus Pride Index, the school has ranked highly in all subcategories for LGBT policy inclusion, student and academic life, housing, counseling, and more.

    University of Northern Colorado

  • University of Northern Colorado
    Greeley, CO 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate92%
  • University of Northern Colorado offers a wide variety of programs, opportunities, and services for their LGBTQ+ community. In addition to the LGBTQ-friendly academic options, the school provides LGBTQ housing and residence life, weekly events, workshops, and more through the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center.

    Harvey Mudd College

  • Harvey Mudd College
    Claremont, CA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate10%
  • Harvey Mudd College is a highly inclusive school with a strong LGBTQ community, resources, and opportunities. Through the Queer Resource Center of The Claremont Colleges, which is a seven-college resource center, students can find community, support, resources, events, and more. The QQMP (Queer and Questioning Mentor Program) is open to all students and provides trained mentors to provide support and guidance on any and all queer-related issues.

    Virginia Wesleyan University

  • Virginia Wesleyan University
    Virginia Beach, VA 4-Year, Private
    Acceptance Rate86%
  • Virginia Wesleyan University’s perfect score on the Campus Pride Index highlights the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Highlights of the school that make it LGBTQ-friendly include LGBTQ Policy Inclusion, an LGBTQ resource center, an LGBTQ studies program, LGBTQ specific courses, LGBTQ & Ally student organization, LGBTQ housing and residence life, trained campus police, and more.

    Purdue University

  • Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate69%
  • Purdue University is ranked as the number one LGBTQ friendly school in Indiana. The LGBTQ Center at the university plays a large role in providing an affirming location on-campus. The center provides safe zone and trans-inclusion training and workshops for the entire campus community. Additionally, the center sponsors a special six-week LGBTQ study abroad program, weekly events, and resources.

    University of Maryland, College Park

  • University of Maryland, College Park
    College Park, MD 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance RateN.A.
  • University of Maryland, College Park is ranked five stars for its LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere. The university’s LGBTQ+ Equity Center works hard to provide resources, community, and opportunities for students. Popular resources include LGBTQ housing, an LGBT Studies Program, the counseling center with walk-in hours, and more.

    Washington State University

  • Washington State University
    Pullman, WA 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate86%
  • Washington State University is top ranked in all categories and also ranked 5 of 5 stars for the sexual orientation score and the gender identity/expression score. The Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center on campus supports the community by offering resources, events, programming, training, and hosts signature initiatives such as the Q*Hort, a one day program for incoming undergraduate students.

    Rutgers University - New Brunswick

  • Rutgers University - New Brunswick
    New Brunswick, NJ 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate68%
  • Rutgers is top ranked in each category with room for improvement in the LGBTQ Policy Inclusion section (4.5/5 stars). The university also scored 5 of 5 stars for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression.

    Northern Illinois University

  • Northern Illinois University
    De Kalb, IL 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate70%
  • Northern Illinois University ranked 5 of 5 stars overall and highlights its commitment to making the campus inclusive for people of all identities. The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at the school hosts groups and activities for students and the campus has a LGBTQ+ residential floor.

    University of Washington

  • University of Washington
    Seattle, WA 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate53%
  • University of Washington’s perfect score is a result of the university’s commitment to “brave, affirming, liberatory, and celebratory environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions.” Through the Q Center, students can participate in groups, activities, and events like the welcome luncheon and the mentoring program.

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • University of Colorado Boulder
    Boulder, CO 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate80%
  • University of Colorado Boulder ranked 5 of 5 stars in all categories except in LGBTQ Academic Life (4.5 of 5 stars). The university has a dedicated Gender and Sexuality Center and variety of LGBTQ events for students.

    University of Kentucky

  • University of Kentucky
    Lexington, KY 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate94%
  • University of Kentucky’s top score is a result of the campus’ commitment to helping students through information, resources, and events. The school ranked full stars in all subcategories except LGBTQ Policy & Inclusion (4.5 of 5 stars), LGBTQ Counseling & Health (4.5 of 5 stars), and LGBTQ Recruitment & Retention Efforts (4 of 5 stars).

    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • University of Illinois at Chicago
    Chicago, IL 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate79%
  • University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gender and Sexuality Center provides programs and initiatives for students to help make the campus more inclusive. Highlighted programs are designed to promote success, research, engagement, and build a strong community. In addition to the GSC, UIC has a very strong LGBTQ friendly campus including great LGBTQ policy inclusion, campus life, academic life with an LGBTQ studies program, student housing, and more.

    Minnesota State University Mankato

  • Minnesota State University Mankato
    Mankato, MN 4-Year, Public
    Acceptance Rate69%
  • Services and opportunities highlighted by Minnesota State University-Mankato’s five-star Campus Pride Index rating include LGBTQ studies programs and specific course offerings, a Resource with responsibilities for LGBTQ students, LGBTQ social activities, roommate matching, gender-inclusive housing, LGBTQ counseling and support groups, and more.

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