Calling All Lawyers

Looks like there’s a new field emerging for ambulance-chasing lawyers: suing colleges. You may have seen this story about a recent college grad who sued her college for not doing enough to help her find a job after graduation. Well, now things are starting to snowball. “Saying they were cheated out of money and an ...


Degrees of Success

I recall that when I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer, perhaps a journalist. When I joined the Navy, I applied to their journalism school and, of course, I didn’t get in. They shipped me and my writing hopes to Vietnam. Thus, my long road to “success” and happiness began. Now, ...


Teach for America

If you’re a college junior, thinking about what to do after graduation, perhaps Libby Quaid’s Associated Press article will give you some focus: More college grads join Teach for America When school starts next fall, Teach for America will send an unprecedented number of college graduates to teach in poor communities across the country — ...


Animal House

No, this isn’t about Otter, Flounder, Boon, or D-Day. This article is about veterinary schools, the economic downturn, and its effect on Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, one of two fully accredited private veterinary schools.  Tufts, located in Medford, Massachusetts, is, according to university president Lawrence Bacow, “a university with an unprecedented diversity ...


“Undecided” Major for Undecided Applicant?

Question: My son is the epitome of the “undecided” kid and is looking forward to taking a wide variety of courses at college. If you were to press him for favorite subjects, he would say languages (Spanish and Latin) and the sciences. I’ve heard that putting “Undecided” on his applications is not a wise idea, ...


College Admissions for Students at “Therapeutic” School?

Question: How do colleges view students who graduate from a therapeutic school? “Therapeutic schools” are for students with a range of special needs. These include behavioral problems, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc. So, for starters, all grads of such institutions are not lumped together. For instance, a student with ADD who ...


Declaring a Classics Major vs. “Undecided”

Question: I think I may be interested in majoring in classics in college, but I’m not 100% sure. Since this is not a popular major, will it help my chances for admission if I contact department chairs and/or admissions officers to state my interest? Question: My daughter is interested in a few different areas as ...


College Advice for Aspiring Social Worker

Question: I’m thinking about becoming a social worker. What sort of classes do I need to take in college? Social work is a very versatile career. Some social workers assist patients during hospital stays, others serve as counselors in high schools or colleges, many work with disadvantaged families to help them with their child-rearing, housing ...


Finding Philosphy or History Internships

College admission officials are often more impressed when a student pursues a passion independently than when he or she joins an organized program. So don't be afraid to strike out on your own.

Majors and College Search

If you do have a major in mind--or more than one--then it certainly makes sense to apply to colleges or universities that offer these options.