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Welcome to CC/Discussions!


    The Grandparent Thread

    Some of us have been on this board so long that now we are either grandparents or about to be grandparents - so I’m starting a thread for us. Because this is pretty exciting.

    My daughter-in-law is expecting a boy!

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    Chance a Junior [US citizen] from overseas interested in Math [and computer science]


    • US Citizen living overseas
    • India
    • IB Diploma international School sending 80% of the class overseas for college
    • Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Male, Asian/Indian
    • Other special factors: Legacy at the University of Virginia

    **Intended Major(s): Mathematics/Computer Science

    GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

    • Unweighted HS GPA: 38-39/42 on the IB Diploma. I tried to convert to GPA and got 3.89. My IGCSE was 7 A* 2 A.
    • Class Rank: Not ranked
    • ACT/SAT Scores: 1550 (770 English/780 Math) that superscores to 1570

    (AP/IB/Dual Enrollment …

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    Pros and Cons of living on or off campus?

    Even though I’ve never lived off campus during my time at college (traditional communal dorms only) I’ve always wondered what it would’ve been like to share an apartment or house with some roommates, as well as the pros and cons of living on or off campus?

    IMO, one of the most important pros of living on campus is living closer to dining halls & your classes, as well as more friendship possibilities while living in the dorms. One con of …

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    2022 Fall Stanford Transfer Thread

    Hi everyone! I couldn’t find a thread for transfer students so I thought I would make one! I was wondering if there were any other transfer applicants on here? I hope everyone has a great semester and good luck on transfer decisions!

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    Details: Most Simple Wedding vs. Most Extravagant

    Clearly we all like to talk weddings. :slight_smile:

    Thought it might be fun to share details - good or bad, or nice or obnoxious of either the most simple/inexpensive wedding you’ve attended or the most extravagant details.

    Preface your text with:



    Or whatever best describes the TYPE of wedding in your eyes - this will help the reader!

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    AP Credit…

    I have 60 credits in AP classes. 47 are for specific classes and 13 unspecified. I am FYE. I just need to take the written and oral communication classes and the Honors Design classes my first year. I have satisfied all of my general required electives. So, what does this mean I will be taking my first year? I know I will be taking Calc 3. I am not repeating Calc 1 or 2. Am I reclassified as a sophomore?

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    Cornell Class of 2026 Transfer Option

    Hi - our son has been given a Transfer Option to Cornell ILR (Industrial Labor Relations).

    Creating this thread to discuss/share info.

    During the last couple of years, the TO means students go to a different US college and take a prescribed slate of classes, and if they get a minimum GPA (3.0 or 3.3) then they are automatically enrolled Sophomore year.

    Wondering whether this year will be the same - or different — maybe there will be an
    option …

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    Vacation mishaps

    I was scrolling through YouTube last night, I’ve been looking for river cruise videos.

    I happened to land on one that was so unintentionally hilarious, I thought I would create a topic based on it.

    The couple missed their connection waited 12 hours for the next flight, missed the boat. Thankfully they were able to Uber to the boats location. Trip started out on the wrong foot. The video was a litany of wrongs, there is footage of a scenic …

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    Wordle Today - No Spoilers Please

    The hottest new game on the internet right now is one created as a result of a love story.


    How did you do today? (I can’t seem to get lower than 5 guesses)

    Wordle 207 5/6


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    CC Flip This House - Grandma House

    I know that I haven’t been posting much lately. I have become ensnared into a couple of crazy projects. I have two clients that purchased properties that had an unpermitted Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). One one has two rentals in the basement and the garage. We have been just cleaning them up and desperately trying to get plans and permits to legalize the rentals. The City of San Diego has big lip service on how they are promoting ADUs and …

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    UCLA Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

    I have started a Waitlist/Appeal discussion for UCLA applicants.

    Below is some previous years data and information regarding the Waitlist and Appeal process. The Waitlist admits will vary from year to year, so there is no way to gauge your chances of being admitted. Fill out the questionnaire if you would like to opt into the wait list, then move on to your other acceptances. You can submit New grades/Schedule along with New accomplishments for the Waitlist.

    2021 data:
    Number …

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    Mainly Safeties and Matches for Econ Major

    Son is a junior trying to add more safeties and matches to his college list. He is a Harvard legacy and will be applying REA. He really enjoyed his visit to Williams, he was drawn to both the rural setting and the tutorials.

    His current list is Harvard, Williams, Grinnell, Bowdoin, Yale, Princeton, UMCP. So obviously needs matches and safeties. Will need financial aid, situtation is complicated by death of Dad past June so will probably have to contact each …

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    SUMaC 2022

    Hello! I wanted to create a thread for people who are applying to SUMaC! If anyone has attended it before, please let me know how it is and how hard it is to get in. I have been competing in math competitions since 3rd grade and I’m a sophomore. I don’t have any achievements in AMC 10 or AMC 12 though. I am taking Calculus right now. Do you think I have a chance? Thanks in advance!

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    Rutgers Waitlist Class of 2026

    This is for all who were waitlisted at Rutgers University in the class of 2026 so we can see when others are taken off the waitlist.

    Please comment which schools/campuses you were waitlisted for in this thread.
    Good luck to all!

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    Duke waitlist 2026

    Hello, just wanted to start the Duke waitlist 2022
    the letter says the movement will start may 2nd but some folks here said in the past it happened earlier than that ?

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    What constitutes reaches, matches, and safeties

    These days, with so many TO kids applying to selective schools – increasing the number of applications at many selective schools – I think it’s appropriate to increase the perceived selectivity level of these schools, versus how we thought of them just a few years ago.

    There was a time when I would have said that for a top applicant – 3.9+/1560+ with great LORs and ECs – schools like BC, U of Rochester, and Wake Forest could be considered …

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    UC Davis Freshman Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

    Since UCD’s decisions will be out soon, I have started a discussion thread for Waitlisted students and also for appeals.

    Here is a link to the Waitlist FAQ’s: Freshman Waitlist

    Last year, there were no postings of anyone being accepted off the waitlist but I cannot confirm the information since UCD did not post their CDS for 2021. Mostly likely very few admitted based on the waitlist information from the other UC campuses.
    2021 Counselor Conference Information:
    Number of qualified …

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