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    Colleges in Missouri

    Missouri is a landlocked state in the Midwest, just above the Southern United States. The state has 27 public schools, including University of Missouri (Mizzou), which is one of seven universities Columbia, a small city in central MO that is often considered one the best college towns in the U.S.

    Missouri also has 58 private schools. The state's capital city is home to the famous Gateway Arch, as well as some of the state's best private colleges, like Saint Louis University, a Jesuit university founded in 1818. WashU, Maryville University and Webster University, are also in St. Louis, and all three schools meet the criteria around access, affordability and student success to be Coalition for College member schools.

    Just under 350,000 students attend one of the 83 colleges and universities in Missouri. With so many great cities and colleges to choose from, there's a good school for anyone who wishes to study in the Show Me state.

    Explore a list of all colleges in Missouri below, or see the 12 best schools in Missouri.

    Visit the forums for advice on choosing a college or to discuss some of the top colleges in Missouri, like WashU.


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