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    Colleges for a 30 ACT Score

    Students who with an ACT score of 30 did better than 93 percent of all test-takers. Only seven percent of students who took the ACT in the last few years scored higher than 30.

    An ACT score of 30 is very good! 36 is a perfect ACT score. A 30 ACT score is well-above the average ACT score of 20, and 6 points below a perfect score.

    Students with a composite score of 30 on the ACT have a national rank of 93. National rank is the number of students who scored lower than a certain score on the ACT.

    From the forums:

    Do I have a shot at Vanderbilt with a 30 ACT?

    "My top choice currently is Vanderbilt, but I’m unable to apply ED for financial reasons. I scored a 30 on my last ACT, and my GPA is a 3.9/4.0 weighted. I’m aware my scores are not in the common range of a majority of Vandy applicants, but do I still have a fair chance?


    The average ACT range at Vanderbilt is 33-35. If you're set on Vanderbilt and have an ACT score under 33, you may want to retake the test to try to improve your score. Vanderbilt does superscore, so they will consider your highest score on each section as your overall score.

    Vanderbilt is test-optional for students applying for fall 2022. If you do choose to submit ACT or SAT scores, the ACT Writing section of the SAT Essay section of are not required.

    Read more on the CC forums and explore colleges for a 30 ACT below.


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