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    Colleges for a 29 ACT Score

    Students with a 29 on the ACT did better than 90 percent of all students who took the exam. Only one out of every 10 test-takers scores higher than 29 ACT.

    29 is a very good ACT score. A score of 29 is well-above average; the average ACT score is 20. The highest ACT score possible is a 36, so a 29 is just seven points lower than a perfect score.

    Many highly selective colleges look for ACT scores ranging from 27-31. Top colleges and universities look for ACTs in the 32-36 range.

    From the forums:

    "Should I include a 29 ACT on my application to UPenn?"

    I am planning on applying into UPenn for early decision. My first ACT score was a 29 and I am planning on retaking it again this October 10th. Should I still include it into my application? If I will omit the score, will I be at a disadvantage?


    UPenn's average ACT range is 34-36 composite score. University of Pennsylvania is extending it's test-optional policy through the 2021-2022 admissions cycle. According to Penn Admissions, students who do not to submit ACT or SAT test scores will not be penalized in the admissions process.

    Since an ACT of 29 falls significantly below the average range for UPenn, it may make sense to opt out of submitting ACTs scores. Retaking the ACT or taking the SAT is another good option.

    See what others said on the CC forums and explore colleges for a 29 ACT score below.


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