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The SAT is Going Digital Starting In 2023

Written by Sam Jaquez | Feb. 25, 2022
Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Here's What You Need To Know About the Timeline and Changes to the SAT

There are big changes underway for the SAT. Soon, test-takers will be able to leave their No. 2 pencils at home, because a digital version of the SAT has been developed, tested, and is currently scheduled to replace the paper version within the next year. Additional changes to the exam include shorter test times and more concise prompts and questions.

The SAT is a standardized college admissions test used by many US-based colleges and universities to measure the knowledge and skills learned in high school that are considered most important for college readiness. The SAT Suite consists of the SAT and several versions of the PSAT, a similar exam that is usually taken earlier in high school and is used to qualify students as National Merit Semifinalists. Currently, students have 180 minutes to complete a physical copy of the reading, writing & language, and math sections of the SAT. The new updates will change these fundamental elements significantly.

Digital SAT and More Changes Coming Soon

The College Board announced that a new digital version of the SAT Suite of Assessments will be offered in select areas (including at international testing centers) starting in March of 2023. In fall of 2023, the digital SAT will also be offered for students taking the PSAT, which will introduce students to the system before they take the digital SAT in the following year. By spring of 2024, all students will take the full SAT Suite of Assessments digitally. Students will have the option to use their own device or use one provided for the duration of the test. A major function built into the digital SAT will be an auto save function which will ensure that any progress is saved in the event of power or connectivity issues.

Additional changes include shortening the SAT from three hours to two hours, and allowing test-takers to have more time for each question. Each digital test will provide students with an individualized experience through question variations, making sharing answers virtually impossible. Long essays with multiple questions per essay will be replaced by short reading passages with one question per passage. Both math sections will now allow the use of a calculator, which will be built into the digital application. Scores will be available within days, rather than weeks.

The digital SAT was piloted by both US and international students last November. The upcoming changes in format, content, and length have already proven to be a relief for students who have participated in the pilot program of the new digital test. Additionally, students who have taken the pilot test have praised the changes for making the test functionally easier, more efficient, and better paced.

According to College Board, “80% of students responded that they found it to be less stressful and 100% of educators reported having a positive experience.”

More information about changes to the SAT can be found at SAT.org/digital. You can also connect with the CC community about admissions tests or get support studying for the SAT with CollegeGo.

SAT Changes - Quick Facts

• Digital tests will start for international SAT test-takers in 2023, for U.S. PSAT test-takers in October 2023, and for US SAT test-takers in spring of 2024

• Digital tests will be taken on a computer or tablet either owned by the student or provided on test day for the duration of the exam

• Test duration to be shortened from three hours to two hours

• Elimination of the no calculator math section

• Long essays to be replaced with short passages with one question per passage

• Every students will receive a unique test form, making it practically impossible to cheat

• Scores will be available within days

Timeline for Digital SAT Suite Introduction

Spring 2023

💻 Digital International SAT

📝 Paper and Pencil PSAT

📝 Paper and Pencil US SAT

Fall 2023

💻 Digital International SAT

💻 Digital PSAT

📝 Paper and Pencil US SAT

Spring 2024

💻 Digital International SAT

💻 Digital PSAT

💻 Digital US SAT

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Sam Jaquez

Sam is a freelance writer, a blogger, and a bookmark collector. She studied at the University of Massachusetts Boston where she earned a degree in English.

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