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May 20, 2020

Most Costly Colleges 2009-2010

We've already seen here the list of most expensive colleges for 2008-2009. Now, from Campus Grotto.com, we have the list for 2009-2010.

There have been a few changes in the rankings:

Here are the top 100 most expensive colleges by total cost for the 2009-2010 school year.

Read the original article: Most Expensive Colleges for 2009-2010

Total Cost = Tuition + Room and Board

1. Sarah Lawrence College$54,410
2. New York University$51,991
3. The George Washington University$51,730
4. Bates College$51,300
5. Skidmore College$51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University$51,190
7. Georgetown University$51,122
8. Connecticut College$51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College$51,037
10. Vassar College$50,875
11. Wesleyan University$50,862
12. Claremont McKenna College$50,800
13. Colgate University$50,660
14. Carnegie Mellon University$50,640
15. Haverford College$50,625
16. Bowdoin College$50,485
17. Middlebury College$50,400
18. Mount Holyoke College$50,390
19. Bard College$50,380
20. Boston College$50,370
21. Franklin & Marshall College$50,360
22. Bard College at Simon's Rock$50,340
23. Scripps College$50,336
24. Babson College$50,324
25. Colby College$50,320
26. Vanderbilt University$50,282
27. Duke University$50,250
28. University of Chicago$50,247
29. Tufts University$50,178
30. Oberlin College$50,166
31. Smith College$50,132
32. Cornell University$50,114
33. Bucknell University$50,098
34. University of Southern California$50,028
35. Union College (NY)$49,983
36. Dartmouth College$49,974
36. Carleton College$49,974
38. Dickinson College$49,860
38. Washington University in St. Louis$49,860
40. Bennington College$49,830
41. Eugene Lang College$49,800
42. Stevens Institute of Technology$49,800
43. Northwestern University$49,791
44. Boston University$49,758
45. Reed College$49,690
46. St. Lawrence University$49,680
47. Fordham University - Lincoln Center$49,655
48. Williams College$49,640
49. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering$49,630
50. Wellesley College$49,612
51. St. John's College$49,592
52. Hampshire College$49,545
53. Fordham University - Rose Hill$49,541
54. Columbia University$49,524
55. Hamilton College$49,470
56. Trinity College (CT)$49,460
57. Drexel University$49,381
58. Barnard College$49,372
59. Pomona College$49,361
60. Lafayette College$49,319
61. Swarthmore College$49,250
62. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$49,245
63. Chapman University$49,174
64. Hobart and William Smith College$49,168
65. Wheaton College (MA)$49,155
66. Bryn Mawr College$49,120
67. University of Rochester$49,070
68. MIT$48,870
69. University of Notre Dame$48,850
70. Stanford University$48,843
71. College of the Holy Cross$48,800
72. Occidental College$48,750
72. Villanova University$48,750
74. Pepperdine University$48,630
75. Wake Forest University$48,618
76. Lehigh University$48,530
77. University of Richmond$48,490
78. Amherst College$48,400
79. Emory University$48,396
80. Brandeis University$48,368
81. Brown University$48,328
82. Fairfield University$48,170
83. University of San Diego$48,072
84. Gettysburg College$48,060
85. Worcester Polytechnic Institute$48,050
86. Ursinus College$47,750
87. Drew University$47,678
88. Rollins College$47,540
89. Yale University$47,500
90. Santa Clara University$47,400
91. American University$47,386
92. Pitzer College$47,278
93. Loyola University Maryland$47,190
94. Washington and Lee University$47,165
95. Kenyon College$47,070
96. Princeton University$47,020
97. Macalester College$46,942
98. Colorado College$46,902
99. Loyola Marymount University$46,880
100. Northeastern University$46,860

Total cost is taken by adding tuition + room and board. We do not include fees when figuring the total cost. This is because many fees can be optional and can vary per student. A Student Health Insurance Fee, for example, is obviously not going to be required for a student already on their parents' insurance plan. Some colleges also charge fees to certain majors. Including fees in the 'Total Cost' would have led to too many 'What Ifs'.

These numbers were taken directly from the college's website in October of 2009. In the case that the University does not provide an estimated cost of room and board (because some dorms on campus are priced differently), we took the price of a dorm a typical freshman would find themselves in.


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Written by

Dave Berry

Dave is co-founder of College Confidential and College Karma Consulting, co-author of America's Elite Colleges: The Smart Buyer's Guide to the Ivy League and Other Top Schools, and has over 30 years of experience helping high schoolers gain admission to Ivy League and other ultra-selective schools. He is an expert in the areas application strategies, stats evaluation, college matching, student profile marketing, essays, personality and temperament assessments and web-based admissions counseling. Dave is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and has won national awards for his writing on higher education issues, marketing campaigns and communications programs. He brings this expertise to the discipline of college admissions and his role as a student advocate. His College Quest newspaper page won the Newspaper Association of America's Program Excellence Award, the Pennsylvania Newspaper Publisher's Association Newspapers in Education Award, the Thomson Newspapers President's Award for Marketing Excellence and the Inland Press Association-University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Mass Communications Inland Innovation Award for the Best New Page. His pioneering journalism program for teenagers, PRO-TEENS, also received national media attention. In addition, Dave won the Newspaper Association of America's Program Excellence Award for Celebrate Diversity!, a program teaching junior high school students about issues of tolerance. His College Knowledge question-and-answer columns have been published in newspapers throughout the United States. Dave loves Corvettes, classical music, computers, and miniature dachshunds. He and his wife Sharon have a daughter, son and four grandchildren.

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