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10th Graders: Looking Ahead

Most of my posts here are directed at high school juniors and seniors. Some of my articles target parents and current college students. Not many, however, are aimed at 10th-grade high schoolers. I’d like to address that group today. We live in a society that prepares for Christmas starting in September, just after Labor Day. ...


Starting The College Process Early

The question I get from a lot of parents is, “When should my child start thinking about and planning for college?” My answer is usually, “As soon as possible.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should start getting on the waiting list for snazzy pre-schools while their child is yet unborn. Don’t laugh. That ...


What Subject Scores Are Needed for Cornell, Princeton, & Penn?

Question: How important are SAT II scores for the Ivy league application process? (specifically Cornell, Princeton, and Penn). I have a 4.0, am second in my class, and am president of honor society and leader of several other clubs. My Act composite was a 28. I got a 550 and 570 on my first two ...