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Is American Abroad an International Applicant?

Question: Do I count as an international student if I completed all of my high school in another country but was born in the U.S.? And can I get financial aid if my parents have a house here in the U.S. and pay taxes? You say that you were born in the U.S., so I ...


Scholarship Opportunities for U.S. Citizen in No. Ireland

Question: My daughter is an American citizen living in Northern Ireland since the age of 1. She will be entering her last year of schooling in September and will be looking to attend college in September 2012. She wants to do Engineering and is a top student in a top school. How can I find ...


How Will British GCSE Affect Ivy League Admission?

Question: I am currently studying under the British GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) system. How does that affect my admissions to Ivy League colleges in America? American colleges and universities–especially the more sought-after ones like the Ivies–are quite accustomed to receiving applications from students who have been educated in the British system. Be sure ...


Foreign Travel as Admissions Currency?

Question: I’m taking a trip to Europe this summer through one of my teachers with other classmates. Can this exposure help in any way with admissions? Or is there anything I can do to make it matter? College officials are quite accustomed to seeing all sorts of overseas travel on application forms, so you probably ...


College Admissions Impact of Senior Semester Abroad?

Question: Given that there is so much emphasis on first-semester senior year grades, how do colleges view a student who chooses to spend the semester as an exchange student in a Third World country? That’s a good question. In most cases, colleges will be far more intrigued by a student who has spent a semester ...


How Do Colleges View Senior Semester Abroad?

Students who study abroad in their senior year should encounter few barriers when it comes to college admission (other than the complications of completing applications from afar), and it can be a big plus. They will generally find that admission officials--while admittedly increasingly jaded by the huge volume of today's applicants who have logged time on foreign soil--still do have extra respect for those who go on exchange for an entire semester or year, rather than merely spending a weekend in Montreal with the high school French Club.