Fat And Skinny Emails

I’ve been following the various threads on the College Confidential discussion forum where seniors are holding their breath to get their admission decisions. I’ve done this every year since we began the forum back in 2001, and even before that on my own, independent forum, pre-CC. Of course, years ago I’ve held my breath along ...


The Ever More Slippery Slope

The Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) verdicts began coming out yesterday. The news was even more grim than expected, as some of the news headlines testified: – College Admits 14.5 Percent of Early Applicants to Class of 2022 (Harvard) The College notified 964 students of their acceptance into the Class of 2022 Tuesday, ...


December Jitters

As I write this, paranoid Ivy applicants (the EA/ED/SCEA kind) are on pins and needles awaiting this afternoon’s results from Brown University. Over the coming week, all of the Ivies and some other so-called “elites” will be sending out their good, bad, and “purgatory” (deferred/waitlisted) news to applicants around the globe. I’ve been through this ...