10th Graders: Looking Ahead

Most of my posts here are directed at high school juniors and seniors. Some of my articles target parents and current college students. Not many, however, are aimed at 10th-grade high schoolers. I’d like to address that group today. We live in a society that prepares for Christmas starting in September, just after Labor Day. ...


SAT’s for Middle Schooler?

Can you shed some light on how Colleges/Universities view SAT scores sent prior to high school or if they will show up on her SAT record?

Your 2018 Look-Ahead

Let's talk about planning ahead for summer and summer jobs. Start looking ahead now, there are many summer opportunities if you know where to look.

How to Improve Your ACT Math Score

Today’s article was submitted by Rachel Kapelke-Dale.  If you’re worried about your ACT math score, first of all: take a deep breath. You’re not alone! Every single test-taker has areas that he or she is stronger in—and areas that could use improvement. You may be nervous about approaching the ACT math section for the first time; ...


You’ve Received Your ACT/SAT Scores: What to Do Next

Today’s article was written by Heather Hamilton. After months of preparing for a test as large as the ACT or SAT, it can be kind of anticlimactic to actually enter the room and take the exam. Once you leave the room, this feeling is further amplified. Typically, we feel the pressure to perform well on ...


Tyranny in Testing?

Over the past eight years here, I have strongly expressed my opinions about the shortcomings of standardized college entrance testing and their biases.

The SAT Admissions Conundrum

The SAT has changed. Accordingly, so have the attitudes of admissions officers changed about its value as an applicant evaluation tool.

National Merit Money from Mozart?

How do you study for standardized tests? It’s interesting to see how students prepare their brains and bodies for the challenges of the SAT, ACT, PSAT, Subject Tests et al. Some new information brings those practices to light. In a message entitled “Survey: Students Prepping for PSAT Reveal Music, Snack Habits,” the folks at Kaplan ...