A “Taste” of College Before You Go

Do you think about food much? It’s hard not to think about food while watching TV, especially around dinnertime. Did you ever notice how those pizza commercials and juicy hamburger ads seem to conveniently appear right around the evening news and, most temptingly, later in the evening? The Madison Avenue ad wo/men (or “Mad Men,” ...


EA to MT Plus ED to Penn?

Question: If I apply ED to upenn can I also apply EA to MIT. I know that if I get into upenn then I will have to go there which is fine as they are actually my first choice (business), but am I also allowed to apply early action to MIT. MIT’s website was very ...


Can You Afford Your Dream College?

The last of the Ivy-elite early admission results will be out this mid-December week. I’ve witnessed many happy reports from those who got their good news over the past few days or so. Of course, along with that good news comes the financial aid package, which, for those who are not in the “full pay” ...