Freshman 10

The Orientation Express

All aboard!  The Orientation Express is leaving the station. For some of you, it may have already left. Freshman orientation is a college’s way of welcoming you (and your tuition dollars) with open arms. It’s a carefully planned and executed event designed to acquaint you with a much deeper understanding of the school, its resources, ...


Fighting The Freshman 15

We have discussed the best college food here in past posts. Surprisingly (maybe not surprisingly), some high schoolers rank a college’s food quality near or at the top of their selection criteria. That mystifies me, but I have listened to high school students try to justify allowing food to be such a strong influence in ...


College Food Rankings

I often wonder if any high school seniors apply to certain colleges because of the great food those schools serve. Conversely, I also ponder whether or not anyone chooses not to apply to a college because the food is reported to be substandard. That’s an an interesting selection criterion. It may also be related to ...