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Financial Aid: Panacea Or Prison?

Those of you high school seniors preparing your college applications are answering tons of questions as part of those applications: “Why do you want to go to [college name here]? “What elements of diversity will you bring to the [college name here] community?” “Where do you see yourself 10 years after graduating from [college name ...


Financial Aid Insights

It’s that time of the year again. We’re coming up on April 1, which is a key date for college admissions. The Ivy League and some other so-called “elite” colleges use the late-March-early-April window as their common reply period. Of course, along with acceptances come financial aid awards. Unfortunately, for many applicants this presents some ...


Can You Afford Your Dream College?

The last of the Ivy-elite early admission results will be out this mid-December week. I’ve witnessed many happy reports from those who got their good news over the past few days or so. Of course, along with that good news comes the financial aid package, which, for those who are not in the “full pay” ...