Early Action

Examining Enrollment Ethics

Some of you fortunate seniors have already made your college enrollment decisions, thanks to the Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA) process.

Looking Ahead to College Resources

This fall you will be on campus at a college or university. Start to examine how to take major advantage of the resources your college will offer you.

How to “Reverse” a Deferral

Many schools have put my Early Action/Decision application into deferral, is that a bad sign? What steps should I take in order to ensure one accepts me?

Plan Spring Break Early

If you're planning a spring break adventure, whether you're in college or high school, it's time to think ahead about what you'll be doing.

Q: Are You Worthy? A: Yes!

Dealing with rejection is difficult. Most high schoolers tend to take being turned down by a college or university on a personal level.

Senior Year: January to June

Let's talk about the final leg of your high school career, senior year -- that long haul from January to June.