Fat And Skinny Emails

I've been following various threads on the College Confidential discussion forum where seniors are holding their breath to get their admission decisions.

Q: Are You Worthy? A: Yes!

Dealing with rejection is difficult. Most high schoolers tend to take being turned down by a college or university on a personal level.

Is Gap Year a “Very Bad” Idea?

I honestly have no idea where I want to go or what I want to be. If I make it productive, would taking a gap year before applying be a very bad idea?

Ready … Set … Wait!

I’m hoping it’s good news for you in spring. However, there is one outcome that can blunt your situation — the dreaded wait list.

Post-Deferral Blues?

It’s been about a month now since those of you who applied Early Decision or Early Action received you decisions. Some of you may have a deferral.

While You’re Waiting …

For college-bound seniors, these are the long months — from New Year’s Day until later March. You worked extremely hard and are now waiting for decisions.

Play-Doh for The Soul

This is the week when many colleges come out with their decisions for their Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) applicants.