College Food

2016 Update: Part 4

Our review continues. This time with posts from July and August. – From July: A Major Decision Excerpts recap: I had no idea in what I wanted to major when I went to college. As I’ve mentioned before, I was in college because I was recruited for my tennis playing abilities (such as they were), ...


Weird College Rankings

If you’re at all involved with the world of college admissions or college in general, you’ve no doubt seen all the different varieties of college rankings. If you’ve spent much time on the College Confidential discussion forum, especially in the late summer, you’ve probably seen the massive discussions — sometimes heated arguments — about the ...


Tour de Campus

I’ve been following the Tour de France the past couple of weeks and have been reminded of the seemingly odd connection between that great sporting event and a critical component of the college process — college visits and their associated tours. Thus, “Tour de Campus.” The modern version of the Tour de France comprises 21 ...