Campus Social Life

Thinking about Fraternities or Sororities?

Here’s some late-breaking news you may have missed: Florida State suspends fraternities, sororities in wake of pledge’s death. Here’s what happened, in part, according to the Washington Post: All fraternities and sororities at Florida State University have been suspended indefinitely, the school’s president announced Monday. The interim suspension was effective immediately, according to a news release on the ...


Sneak Peek at Greek Life

If you just graduated from high school and you’re heading to college, you will no doubt encounter the world of fraternities and sororities when you land on campus later this summer. In light of that, here are some questions you may wish to ponder: – Have you thought about whether or not you are Greek ...


Are Fraternities Really Like “Animal House”?

– Question for all you guys who are newly minted freshmen this year: Should you join a fraternity? – A more refined question: Do you need to belong to a fraternity in order to have an enjoyable social life on campus? I received a large number of sometimes impassioned answers to those questions in a ...