More College Knowledge Q&As

Question: A friend of mine got a summer reading list from the college he’ll start in the fall.  What books should I be reading while I’m still in high school? Answer: Not many high school students ask that question.  College involves much reading.  I’ll answer your question on two levels:  Books to read for first-year…


Summer Work

It’s mid-March.  Do you know where your summer job opportunities are? Now is the time to start looking for a summer job.  Some summer jobs are already taken by students who will return to them this summer.  Use some intelligent search and marketing strategies to help your cause.  A traditional job search can be long…


A Wealth of Choices

In the world of college admission, can there be too much of a good thing?  Sometimes.  Read on. If you’re a high school senior who applied to college this year, you’ll know soon who’s accepted you.  Some of you may get into every school where you applied.  If so, congratulations!

Thin-Envelope Depression

You’ve waited months for an answer, and now it’s here . . . in a skinny envelope.  It’s not the answer you wanted. Getting a rejection letter from a college or university doesn’t make you a bad person.  Unfortunately, some high school seniors see themselves in a less-than-positive light when they read the bad news…


Scanning for the Mailman

It’s that time of year.  It’s the time of year that high school seniors anticipate with mightily mixed emotions.  The envelope please . . . It’s the time of year when many high school seniors camp out by their mailboxes.  Mid-March through mid-April is a waiting time, waiting for college admission (or rejection) letters. The…


Admissions Lingo

As in other specialized fields, the college admissions process has its own lingo.  When you read college application instructions, you may find some of it puzzling.  Let’s look at some college application terminology. Most of this year’s seniors have already submitted their college applications.  This year’s juniors are beginning to think about where they will…


Who Should Go to College?

Here are some U.S. Department of Education observations about the state of American higher education: A whopping 98 percent of American adults want their children to go to college, and with good reason.  The benefits of a college education are profound — greater lifetime earnings, a greater appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship, a greater…


Memo to The Big 3

The smartest guys in the room weren’t the CEOs of GM, Ford, and Chrysler when the Big 3 leadership made their first beggar’s appeal for a bailout before Congress.  Imagine going to a bank (one that’s still in business) to request a loan for your business and not bringing a business plan with you!  You…


Personality Types and Temperaments

There are billions of people in the world.  Even so, there are amazing similarities among them.  Modern psychological research has produced a classification system that assigns all of us into one of four basic temperaments, which leads to one of 16 personality types.  So what does this mean to you?