Bait and Switch: College Style

Anyone out there know a high school junior or senior who got a nice, warm, engaging letter from Harvard?  These letters, after a convincing pitch about the joys of Harvard (hey, who needs convincing, right?), usually encourage the high schooler to apply to this prestigious institution, failing to mention the annual single-digit overall acceptance rate…


Left Out

This falls into the category of “Things that make you go ‘Hmm’.”  A March 2005 article by Washington Post staff writer, Paul Kurtz, entitled “College Faculties A Most Liberal Lot, Study Finds” poses one primary question in my mind: Why? Here’s the key text:

Three Predictions

As Ronald Reagan once said, borrowing an Al Jolson line, ‘Stay tuned; you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  I’m talking about the future of college life here in America.  The Big Economic Meltdown is going to effect a sea change, just you wait and see. How?  Here are three predictions from the Berry Institute for Advanced…


Early Action Admissions Agony

The Early Action results for MIT and Yale came out last night.  I followed some of the results from posters on the College Confidential discussion forum.  If you’re pondering applying to either of these two (or other Ivy or “elite”) schools, you should take a look at the profiles of these applicants and their respective…


Applying You to Your Application Essays

There are two sides to every story, they say.  I say there are two sides to every application essay: (1) your side and (2) the college’s side.  The New York Times Magazine ran an essay contest inspired by Rick Perlstein’s essay, “What’s the Matter With College.”  The 600 or so responses cover some interesting ground….


Seven Things I Loved About College

Okay, I’m older than dirt, but I do have very vivid memories about my college daze, as I like to refer to them. My experience was in two parts. The first was the classical “go to college straight from high school” experience, which gave me a nice but unfocused year at Lycoming College, in Williamsport,…


Seven Things I Didn't Like About College

I’ve already vented my love fest about college in a previous post. Now the flip side—what I didn’t like. As I mentioned, I attended college from 1965 through 1972, a period that included my military service. When I returned to college after the military, I was in no mood to take any guff from authority…