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Visiting College Campuses (5th Edition), by Janet Spencer, Sandra Maleson, et al.

Paperback – 370 pages, Princeton Review

This handy collection of information about visiting college campuses can be your co-pilot on a college-visit tour. It’s packed with useful information that will keep you focused on the point of such a trip: visiting colleges. Many times families become diverted in their college travels because they spend more time worrying about the practical details of how to get there, where to stay, school tour schedules, and on and on. The good news here, however, is that Visiting College Campuses takes care of those issues for you.

You’ll find detailed profiles of 250 of the most frequently visited college campuses from around the country. There are maps of each state showing all the campuses listed from that state plus neat little mileage matrices illustrating how far each college is from the other. There is up-to-date information on transportation, if you’re going to be flying, and driving instructions that tie into the maps, showing main and secondary highways leading to the various colleges. If you’re planning to stay overnight, you can get a quick survey of local hotel and motel accommodations from the listings that also include addresses and phone numbers.

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As if this weren’t enough, you’ll also get information on local attractions (assuming you have any energy left over after a day of hiking through quadrangles) and a concise summary box that lays out each school’s policies regarding tours, faculty and coaches visits, dorm stays, and more. The appendices include regional mileage matrices, college calendars (arranged by state), and an alphabetical listing of schools covered in the book. If you’re someone who likes to plan, this book can give you the information you need to put together one heck of an efficient college-tour agenda. Used properly, this guide will easily pay for itself by the end of your first trip.

-Reviewed by Dave Berry

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