Whitman College - Hotel/Lodging Recommendations

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April 29 2016
Marcus Whitman Hotel is really nice, but second time around we went the budget route. Easy to find decent rooms in Walla Walla close to campus. [View Full Report]
April 14 2010
I would recommend LaQuinta. [View Full Report]
July 28 2009
We stayed at the Comfort Inn and were pleasantly surprised. New, clean, nicely appointed, and very friendly staff. [View Full Report]
February 26 2009
My parents and I drove down there, with my dog, and my parents stayed in some hotel while I did my overnight visit. Forgot the hotels name but they were cool w/dogs if that matters to you. [View Full Report]
May 08 2008
The Marcus Whitman is the nicest hotel in town, and it provides free continental breakfast and free airport transportation. Mention Whitman and get a discount. Beautiful and luxurious. [View Full Report]