Denison University - Information Session

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July 31 2015
Not sure there was one available [View Full Report]
March 17 2015
We signed up for our visit on line and an info session did not appear to be an option, though perhaps I missed it. [View Full Report]
December 04 2014
Well done. Fairly typical, and hit some the unique factors of Denison. [View Full Report]
August 23 2013
The head of Admissions welcomed everyone, introduced the Admissions staff, touted Denison, then turned over the program to the Dean of Freshmen. [View Full Report]
February 18 2009
Dean of Admission provided a very good information session on what selective colleges like Denison are looking for in applicants. [View Full Report]
April 23 2008
The info sessions were pretty boring. They presented alot of information, most of which could probably be found on their website or the many pamphlets you will surely get. It was very structered. [View Full Report]
February 27 2007
Junior Day - very well organized, with choice of several sessions depending on interest/focus. More than enough to see and do for one day, and well worth the trip! [View Full Report]