Claremont McKenna College - Campus Tour

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February 27 2016
The tour guide was nice and answered all our questions. He was smart to stop at places where there was shade because it was hot there. [View Full Report]
March 20 2015
My tour guide was great and hilarious! Like I said in the interview comment: one of the greatest aspects of CMC is the personality of the students. Very informed on the school and willing to answer qs [View Full Report]
July 02 2014
Lots of good information and it highlighted the more unique aspects of life at CMC. Our guide forgot a key to access the dorms,but we went inside the Athenaeum,the library, and a classroom. [View Full Report]
October 06 2013
Fantastic - really gave us a feel for the campus. Our tour guide was a funny, smart student/athlete who was relentlessly engaging and enthusiastic, though not annoying. [View Full Report]
August 10 2012
Yes, the tour guide was great, though not as enthuasiastic as some of the other guys at other schools. [View Full Report]
March 17 2012
The campus was very quiet, at least partly because of spring break. Regardless, CMC has a very nice campus: Clean, ordered, and contained, in that the campus felt familiar to me after just one tour. [View Full Report]
February 23 2012
It was good, not great. [View Full Report]
April 23 2011
Had a tour guide named Blake. This boy loved to talk about how amazing this school has been for him. Definitely made the tour full of information. [View Full Report]
April 12 2010
TWO Hours long. Ridiculously long especially when you realize that the campus is 1 of 5 in a square mile. [View Full Report]
October 19 2009
I love the atmosphere of this school... Very unique campus. [View Full Report]
October 13 2009
Great ambassador for the school. Son was very impressed with the Atheneum. Did not get to see everything, though - ran out of time. [View Full Report]
March 22 2009
I really liked the tour guide; even though he was an alumnus he gave a lot of great insight and anecdotes. I'm not a fan of the campus but it was a good tour. [View Full Report]
August 06 2008
It was pretty hot out and the tour guide tried to keep us in the shade. The campus buildings were not impressive. Many looked like an older apartment complex. [View Full Report]
March 21 2008
If you don't fall in love with the campus, you're one in a million. Make sure to visit adjoining Scripps and Pomona to see two even more beautiful sights (is it possible?!). [View Full Report]
August 31 2007
Our tour was led by a very bubbly and enthusiastic student athlete. The tour was actually very informative [View Full Report]
Papa Chicken
August 31 2007
Toured most facilities...dorms, classrooms, computer support facilities. Self-toured the joint library, athletic facilities & other Claremont buildings (latter partially during a Pomona visit.) [View Full Report]
August 28 2007
Our tour guide, wearing shorts and flipflops in January, was relaxed and enthusiastic about the school and talked a lot about the different departments and how the different colleges collaborate. [View Full Report]