Brandeis University - Information Session

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September 16 2011
Nice discussion of the history and philosophy of campus, and the academics. Mostly could have been learned from the web pages, but was much more clearly presented. [View Full Report]
October 30 2010
We arrived early and waited at the Shapiro Admission building which was very nice. The information session was very standard. Powerpoint presentation and general info that we have heard elsewhere. [View Full Report]
September 11 2010
It started off informative but wound up more or less like everyone else's. [View Full Report]
June 24 2010
helpful but could have been more talked not enough about majors [View Full Report]
November 08 2009
We learned about the history of Brandeis and about some of its graduates. [View Full Report]
April 09 2009
Decent powerpoint presentation with an overly perky admissions officer. Nice handouts about each major available at the admissions office. [View Full Report]
December 25 2008
Admissions rep. led the session. Went over the basics, including the history of Brandeis, famous alumni, noteworthy faculty-past and present, the application process, financial aid, etc. Informative [View Full Report]
November 08 2008
They have an interesting curriculum, including a PE requirement. [View Full Report]
April 14 2008
Absolutely fantastic. [View Full Report]
September 18 2006
A little bit canned, but they tell you the history and general information. [View Full Report]
August 11 2006
The info session was given by a hyper student and was quite hard to follow, but still interesting. Brandeis is strong in many programs. [View Full Report]