Understand Yourself Better: Know Your Temperament Type

Assessing Your Temperament: Just Who in the World Do You Think You Are?

You’re unique. Shouldn’t your college be unique too? Yes, you are unique, but who are you really? If you’re like most high schoolers (or even like most parents), you probably don’t know. In fact, sometimes you may feel as though the life form inhabiting your skin is a creature from another planet.

Today, though, we have the advantage of modern science and psychological research to help us discover more about ourselves. We’re not going to go off on a tangent here blabbering on about arcane and recondite (Nice SAT words, huh? Look ’em up!) head-shrinking theories. What we are going to do is give you an easy-to-take test on understanding yourself better.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Keep reading. You’ll benefit from this discussion too. In fact, if everyone in your family over the age of 14 takes a test of their temperament, you’ll all end up understanding one another a whole lot better. Honest.

One important goal here is improved mutual respect that comes from the improved understanding of our individual differences. The other, perhaps even more important goal is to help you high schoolers understand what your temperament type is so that you can convincingly communicate who you are and what you’re all about in your Ivy applications. Accordingly, when you articulate this insightful self-awareness, your total picture-your student profile-will emerge in three-dimensional surround sound, so to speak. Your application will almost shout out, “Hey, look at me!” from those mountainous piles of your competition. This increased knowledge of self will also allow you to sharpen your argument as to why a certain college is the best and right choice for you. That’s the kind of information admission committees love to read.