Interpreting the Results of Your Temperament Snapshot

“Hey! I’m an NT. What the heck does that mean?”

It means you’re a Rational. Let us now explain the implications of temperament.

Now that you’ve taken a Temperament Snapshot, you have one pair of letters to call your own. Do you recall those “trait words” we talked about a while ago?

S = realism
N = dreaming
T = analysis
F = sympathy
J = planning
P = improvisation

Now we’re going to put the puzzle pieces together. Let’s say that the results of your Snapshot show that you are an “NF.” Using the trait words, we see that two qualities combine to form your temperament: dreaming and sympathy (again, there are other words that apply, but we’re going to use these). For the curious technical crowd, that’s a combination of iNtuition and Feeling. The designation for “NF” is Idealist.

At the core of their beings, Idealists seek meaning and significance in all that they do and maintain a lifelong quest for a unique identity. Their values include an instinctive and high regard for ethics and morality, authenticity, cooperative interaction, unity, and personal relationships. Some of their unique roles and abilities include that of the Romantic idealist, facilitator, counselor, diplomat, catalyst, and mentor.

If you observe them closely, you’ll see them display such behaviors as imagination, empathy, praise, warm-heartedness, and spirituality. They are relationship oriented, use metaphorical language, have vivid imaginations, and can become deeply involved in whatever they’re doing.

If your letters are “NT,” you are among the Rationals, as noted above. Rationals seek to gain knowledge and competence in all that they do, in a quest to gain power over nature. They highly value intelligence, progress, scientific inquiry, and theory. They seek expert relationships and embrace concepts and ideas while searching for ultimate truths. Logical consistency is at or near the top of their list. Roles and skills of the Rational include that of the engineer and inventor. They are life-long learners and visionaries, analyzing and strategizing master designs.

Rationals are especially adept at marshalling their forces to direct and organize projects. They display precision in the use of words and language, tend to be coldly logical, cynical, and analytical. For them, work is play and they love to solve problems. They can be perfectionists and highly critical of themselves while remaining oblivious to their local circumstances. For Rationals, everything can always be improved.

All those of you with the “SJ” designation are Guardians. You have at your core the need for membership and belonging. You are highly responsible and dedicated to whatever duties you are performing. You value rules and regulations, stability, security, and conformity. You like to follow step-by-step procedures and do what is necessary to preserve the social order, and you love to bond with others. Guardians are the protectors in our world, the providers. They think sequentially and supervise, measure, monitor, and stabilize situations at home, work, and in social situations. They’re great at logistics, when things need to be organized and taken care of.

Guardians have a high regard for authority and respect the hierarchy of chain of command. They become upset when those around them display a blatant disregard for established rules and regulations. You usually won’t have trouble understanding what a Guardian means because they use customary language. However, they do tend to be somewhat negative, or fatalistic, in their outlook. The author of Murphy’s Law had to be a Guardian. They are responsible, cautious, meticulous, structured, and economical. They have a past orientation and are especially energized around the traditional holidays. Guardians are rock-solid dependable.

Are you an “SP”? If so, you’re an Artisan. Artisans are the impact people in our world. Their core needs are situations that support their freedom to act on their impulses and their ability to make a strong impression (impact). “I gotta be free to be me” would be a good Artisan motto. They tend to be impulsive, seeking the thrill of action and risk, with the action being the point. The impulsiveness spurs the action and the action is the kick.

People who get to know Artisans often describe them as being fun loving, cheerful, upbeat, sometimes intense, and always exciting to be around. The fact that Artisans tend to live outside the lines of rules’ boundaries gives them this stimulating aura. To observe Artisans at work, simply look to the performing arts and sports. Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and many other big-name personalities are primary Artisan candidates as well as many others in your life whom you may not suspect.