Room And Board

Paying Room and Board Without Loans

Question: I received a full-tuition scholarship to a college, but still have to pay room and board. At $13,000, this is a lot for my family, and I was wondering if you had suggestions on how to finance this besides with loans. The school said I can still apply for financial aid, but all the ...


Outrageous College Dorm Costs

Some parents keep their eye on only college tuition costs when considering which schools might be affordable for their sons or daughters. The smart ones, though, look at what’s known as the “student budget.” The student budget includes not only annual tuition but also room and board, various fees, and estimates on miscellaneous expenses and ...


Most Costly Colleges 2009-2010

We’ve already seen here the list of most expensive colleges for 2008-2009. Now, from Campus, we have the list for 2009-2010. There have been a few changes in the rankings:

America’s Most Expensive Colleges

“It costs how much per year?!” Hey, kids. Ever heard that from your parents concerning your college picks? The cost of going to college has reached astronomical heights and promises to keep on going. Right about now, high school seniors across the land are making their college lists and parents, like Santa, are checking them ...


Financial Aid – Is Saving Penalized?

Ants and Grasshoppers: Are Savers Victimized by the Financial Aid Process? "My son and his friend attend the same private college, and our families have about the same income. I wondered how his friend’s family could afford that school, since they live in a more expensive house, take nice vacations, and in general seem to ...