Letters Of Recommendation

New Horizons in College Admissions

For the most part, the Class of 2021 has ended its college quest. There were many winners, with their fat envelopes and exclamation point-laden emails, and there were, unfortunately, those with their skinny envelopes and conciliatory electronic messages. I sincerely hope that you high school seniors were in the former category. In looking back over ...


Make Your Recommendations Count

Teacher recommendations can make a difference. Frankly, however, the vast majority sound quite a bit the same. After all, few students are going to request references from teachers for whom they did lousy work. Most  teacher “recs” mention what a fine (or reliable, conscientious, hardworking, intelligent, etc.) person you are. While these very typical recommendations ...


Mom/Dad Recommendation Letters

Who’s your Daddy? Or your Mommy, for that matter? Could they possibly be a plus factor for your college application? Maybe. For you high school seniors out there, most college application deadlines have passed, although there are always some schools looking for applicants well into the spring or beyond. However, for you juniors, you may ...


Can Senior Use References from Soph Teachers at Former School?

Question: I attended one school up until 10th grade and then did my 11th and 12th elsewhere. Is it okay if my recommendation letters and counselor rec are from teachers from my previous school or do they have to be from the most recent school attended? Colleges prefer recommendations from teachers who taught you in ...


Do College Recommendations from VIPs Carry Clout?

Question: Do letters of recommendation sent to a college’s president or dean of admissions from senators, congressmen, etc. boost one’s chances of acceptance? There’s an old saying in admission offices that goes like this: “The thicker the folder, the thicker the kid.” In other words, admission officials–especially at the most competitive colleges–are accustomed to seeing ...


Recycling Teacher Recommendations

Of course your teachers can recycle your recommendations, and you should help your them to do this by providing them with the materials they

Recommendations: How Current?

If there are no restrictions placed by the colleges, you can really select any junior- or senior-year teacher, but generally, the more competitive the college, the more important it is to go for a heavy-hitting subject rather than to ask that great guy at the helm of Driver

Reviewing A Teacher’s Letter of Recommendation?

This is an important issue. Yes, it does take some brass to request a pre-mailing review of a teacher’s letter of recommendation. That seems to imply that you don’t trust the teacher’s judgment, writing skills, or whatever. Here’s the alternative approach I took when my son was applying to college: I knew that his teachers’ ...