Classroom Life

College Mascot Mysteries Revealed

Just for fun, let’s talk about college mascots. You’ve seen them cavorting at most every college sports broadcast on TV. They get passed through the stands on the hands of rowdy fans. They wrestle and tease the opposing team’s mascot. They sometimes even toss goodies into the stands for the pleading crowd. In other words, ...


Pampered College Students

Okay. Let’s play “Remember When.” Every time I start to recall how things used to be “back in the day,” or my mind wanders to “the way we were,” I think of Tony Soprano. Why the odd connection? Well, if you are (or were) a Sopranos fan, you may recall (even remember) an episode entitled, ...


Professorial Humor

How many of you high school seniors are working on your college applications this Thanksgiving holiday break? It’s a real grind, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you really rather be at Best Buy getting mugged while trying to grab that last Wii doorbuster? Life can be grim, even on a holiday. Well, I thought that today, I ...