Book Reviews

Book Review: Smart Parents Guide To College

Smart Parents Guide to College: The 10 Most Important Factors for Students and Parents When Choosing a College, by Ernest L. Boyer and Paul Boyer Paperback – 227 pages, Peterson’s Guides The late Ernest Boyer was president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and a legendary, nationally known expert on American education, ...


Book Review: 101 TIPS On Getting Into Medical School

101 TIPS on getting into MEDICAL SCHOOL (Paperback) By Jennifer C.Welch Gegensatz Press; first edition (May 10, 2007) ISBN-10: 1933237066 When this book first landed on my desk about a year ago, a quick flip though evoked a disappointed, “Duh!” My random riffling took me to such suggestions as, “Being a bridesmaid is not an ...


Book Review: Student Athlete’s Guide to College

The Princeton Review Student Athlete’s Guide to College. by Hilary Abramson Paperback – 195 pages; Princeton Review-Random House Let’s face it. Collegiate sports are big business. (Obvious statement #1) Elsewhere here in our book-review section, we discussed Peterson’s big book of sports program and scholarship information, which is a good way to start looking for ...