Book Review: Student Athlete’s Guide to College

The Princeton Review Student Athlete’s Guide to College. by Hilary Abramson

Paperback – 195 pages; Princeton Review-Random House

Let’s face it. Collegiate sports are big business. (Obvious statement #1) Elsewhere here in our book-review section, we discussed Peterson’s big book of sports program and scholarship information, which is a good way to start looking for both teams and money. But what about after you’ve found that team and maybe have been fortunate enough to score a scholarship? That’s where the Student Athlete’s Guide to College can come in quite nicely.

Besides providing essential (if not somewhat generic) information on preparing for and choosing the right school, this book addresses the practicalities of living within the highly regulated world of college sports. You’ll find the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA guides for student athletes, each of which outline the proper way to deal with life as a varsity performer. You’ll also learn how to avoid recruiting violations, one of those slippery slopes that can trip up even the most careful athlete. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you get valuable tips on marketing yourself to coaches. Even though high school coaches are a vital part in broadcasting the news about their standout athletes, students themselves need to understand some basics about putting their best foot forward with winning letters and résumés. You’ll find that information here.

Also learn about how to manage the complexities of the recruiting process and, while you’re at it, how to evaluate coaches and athletic programs. Many times, high school athletes are blinded by the fact that a certain college is interested in recruiting them. This tends to blur their objectivity about other schools and can lead to making the wrong college choice. The insights in this book can help overcome the pitfalls of emotionalism. Oh yes, don’t forget about those pesky SAT-score requirements. That’s covered too, with some time-tested and proven Princeton Review SAT/ACT test-prep strategies. There’s even a practice test. All in all, the Guide may be one of the better investments aspiring college athletes can make.
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