Book Review: Improving Your Grades in College

B’s and A’s in 30 Days: Strategies for Better Grades in College (Paperback)
By M.A., Eric Jensen and Tom Kerr
“Congratulations! You have chosen B’s and A’s in 30 Days-a proven, user-friendly grade booster…”

This is a real Best Buy, since this quite helpful and easy to read grade-counseling manual is available from Amazon for a very low price. The marketing blurb describes best what this book can do for you or your children:

Thirty short, entertaining, instructive chapters-one for each day of the program-advise students on how to set goals they can reach, study more efficiently in less time, take better classroom notes, develop speed-reading techniques, improve their memory, and tackle tough subjects with confidence. Amusing cartoon illustrations [by illustrator Tom Kerr] keep the mood appropriately light.

Some of the chapter topics that caught my eye include:

  • Set up the optimal study environment
  • Learn the power of habits
  • Super note taking
  • Total recall
  • Speed reading (Parts I and II)
  • Amazing memory power
  • Winning speeches
  • Eight ways to be smart

Apparently, other readers agree with me:

“. . . thirty short, entertaining instructive chapters are organized specifically in `B’s & A’s in 30 Days’ to create an unique thirty day format of structured daily “learning menu” for readers. Application-wise, the reader can implement specific action one day at a time. This is really great!

One thing that strikes me most about Eric in all his writings is his uncanny ability to communicate eloquently in plain language with readers. He can write about (more specifically, talk to readers), from the most mundane stuff like reading & gathering information from a passage to the more complex stuff like understanding the impact of neurons on learning. Today, he is recognized as one of the leading translators of educational neuroscience in the world.”


“Ah! Where was this book when I was a freshman? B’s and A’s offers a plan to raise grades that took me almost an entire college career to discover. A must have for any student (even seniors). If you like this book, you’ll love “Major in Success.” The invaluable tips are worth their weight in GOLD.”


“It’s been 5 years since I graduated from college. I recently found this book in one of my storage boxes–and had to write a review because it helped me so much!

This book was truly useful for me. Like the other reviewer, I wish I had knew about it during my freshman year. The book has some very practical and easy-to-adopt tips on studying and getting motivated (with lots of research to back-up those tips, for skeptics).

I really enjoyed it because of it’s earnest, helpful tone. Very easy to read too. Highly recommended!”


Can this book help you or your child? Well that’s the 64-cent question, so to speak. Check it out.