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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: July ‘14
This month in Punch: Students get expert advice on the pitfalls of hiding their social media profiles; high school seniors learn how to catch up on fall apps; CC users discuss how much responsibility parents should take in footing the bill; more colleges join the SAT-optional train; 9 résumé mistakes you don't want to make; and much more!

Even if You're Online Savvy, the College Admission Office Can Still Find You
Every year, admission offices rescind acceptances due to an applicant’s poor judgment on social media sites. Find out if your online information is hurting your chances.
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Soon-to-Be-Seniors: Prepare for Fall Apps
Feeling like you’re running behind? You’re not alone. So how do you maximize summer so you’re ready (and not overwhelmed) come fall?
How Much Responsibility Do Parents Have for Footing the Bill?
Parents often wonder how much they should contribute to their child's college experience. But what if you can't afford it? See how other how families tackle this subject.
SAT Not Required: More Colleges Join Test-Optional Train

Students spend hours cramming for the SAT and ACT each year in the hopes of earning an acceptance letter to a competitive college. But is the tide turning away from standardized exams?

9 Worst Items to Put on Your Résumé

Presenting a potential employer with your résumé can be a bit nerve-racking. Read more on how to provide employers with an impressive and effective résumé.


Ask the Dean
Will Sub-Par SATs Keep My Daughter out of Top-Choice Colleges?
Question: My daughter has a 3.81 GPA in all her honors courses, but after two attempts at the SAT, her best score is a 1760. The schools she likes list average scores of 1900 and above. Does she stand a chance with her scores?

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Admit This!
What Colleges Really Want

A college dean at an elite university once admitted that randomly selecting from applications thrown down a staircase would still yield a class as good as any in the past. If that's the case, then what really makes students stand out?

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