Book Review: Panicked Parents Guide To College Admissions

Panicked Parents’ Guide to College Admissions – Table of Contents



1. All in the Family: Decisions and Dynamics

How Involved Should Parents Be in the College Selection Process?
Self-Assessment Survey for Parents
Self-Assessment Survey for Students
Pressure Points

2. Matchmaking, Matchmaking: Choosing the “Right” College

“What Kind of School Am I?”
How many colleges to apply to?
Identifying “Target” Colleges Using Publications
Using Computers
Comparing and Contrasting
Getting Guidance: Public and Private School Counselors Independent Counselors

3. Testing, Testing

SAT I and II
The ACT Assessment
Preparing for Standardized Tests
Information Numbers

4. Finding Out More: Campus Visits, Interviews, College Fairs & Reps

When to Visit Interviews
Second Opinions
When You Can’t Get to Campus Drawing Conclusions

5. Money Matters: Financial Planning and Financial Aid

Estimating College Costs Applying for Financial Aid
Tips for Applying for Financial Aid
Aid Packages
Non-Aid Advice
Helpful Financing Resources

6. Pushing Papers: The Application Itself

Different Decision Plans
Which Application Do We Use?
General Application Tips
Tips for Tackling Specific Application Sections
The Almighty Essay
Recommendations, Supporting Materials, Optional Information

7. How Admission Decisions are Made

Test Results
Essays/Personal Statements
Extracurricular Activities
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

8. We’re In-We’re Out-What Now? After Decision Letters are Received

Wait Lists Not Getting In Anywhere
Not Wanting to Go Where Accepted Campus Security Planning to Transfer

9. Special Situations

Advanced Standing
Deferring Admission
Early Enrollment, Early Entrance
International Students
Post-Graduate (PG) Year
Students with Disabilities and Special Needs

10. Words of Wisdom: Advice from Parents

Appendix 1
Checklist/Calendar for Parents

Appendix 2
Web-Site Ready Reference


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