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1. College Admissions: Does Applying Online Hurt Admission Chances?
Ask The Dean College Admissions Does Applying Online Hurt Admission Chances?
URL: – 12KB – 01 Aug 2005

2. College Search: Distance Learning While In the Army
Ask The Dean College Search Distance Learning While In the Army
URL: – 13KB – 01 Aug 2005

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Also, has anyone had experience with "online college fairs? … I searched The Chronicle of Higher Education for anything about online college fairs. …

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I investigated further any school that came on the list; I’d either e-mail their admissions departments, or chatted with them on Online College Fair

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I like your idea better about college classes because then they count for college courses as well as for high school, but I can’t find any online college

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In your occasional spare time you can do a little online college research, but don’t make an obsession out of it yet. Sometime next year–probaby at about

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Let’s not debate the importance of online learning, I have been teaching online college courses for 6 years, it’sa wonderful medium for today’s college

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online college for high school kids?
College Discussion – online college for high school kids?

Library Science–UMA
If anyone has any online college questions, I’ll try to answer. … when i retire. i’m looking for a reasonably priced but respectable online college. …

College Students Prefer Online Classes
I’ve never done an online college class, but I’m sure it would be no worse than my video-based class. I’ve done online technical classes and it’s a …

college credit?
If I take online college-level courses as a high school student, what kind of credit will I get for the course? Also, I wouldn’t be actually considered a …

ok someone explian how these work
1. online college. I am currently an online student with Western …

Library Science–UMA
They accepted over 75 credits from the mid-80s at the Indiana Univ. of PA. If anyone has any online college questions, I’ll try to answer. …

online/college classes UC GPA
College Discussion – online/college classes UC GPA.