Book Review: Peterson’s Colleges With Programs for LD Students

Peterson’s Colleges With Programs for Students With Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Disorders (6th Revised edition), by Stephen S. Strichart, Charles T. Mangrum II, et al.

Paperback – 672 pages, Petersons Guides

With all the attention being paid these days to ADD-HD (Attention Deficit Disorder-Hyperactivity Disorder), the need emerged for a specialized college search tool, a concise summary of colleges that offer programs meeting the needs of these special students. Peterson’s, long known for its comprehensive series of guidebooks covering just about every aspect of college search and life, has met that need with this book. Now in its sixth revised edition, Colleges With Programs is filled with useful information for (primarily) parents and college-bound ADD-HD students.

In addition to the very informative foreword, preface, and introduction, you’ll find a summary of the types of assistance programs that are available, tips on selecting these special schools, a personal summary inventory, listings of information resources, and a quick-reference chart. Once you have absorbed all that, you can wade into the college profile listings. There are separate sections for both two-year and four-year colleges with (a.) comprehensive programs and (b.) special services. An index in the back of the book makes it easy to find what you need. You’ll be able to review over 1,000 colleges offering staffed and funded programs and services (special orientation programs, financial aid, diagnostic testing, special courses, professional counseling, special computers, and more) targeted at students with the unique needs required by ADD-HD. How can you go wrong?