Application Packaging: Taking Profile Marketing One Step Further

I use the phrase “application packaging” a lot. Most people don’t understand what I mean by it. Let me explain. First, some brief background:

My experience in the fields of technical documentation, publications, and marketing taught me some valuable principles, many of which are directly applicable to elite college admissions. One of those key lessons stems from my mentor, a man I call “Coach,” for obvious reasons. It involves what he refers to as “the presentation of data.”

Ask a broad number of high schoolers what’s involved in the college application process and many of them will say something that amounts to: “You fill out the forms, get your recs, pay the fee, and send it all in.” Sure, that’s a skeleton schematic of what you do. However, there’s much more you can do, some of which just might give you the edge you need in the elite arena.

Putting an Ivy League or other elite application together can turn out to be a major publications and marketing project, with some documentation opportunities thrown in for good measure. I’ve often wondered about the seemingly eclectic journey through my various careers but, as I now enjoy every moment of my college advising work, I see the valuable preparation these other disciplines have given me. Essentially, an elite-college application is a type of application essay. You, the applicant, are mounting an argument through your physical application. The totality of its effect upon the admission staff can play an active role in their perceptions about you. That’s why you must use care when deciding what to include, even if they didn’t ask for extra materials.

The sample HYPer application is typical of this level of effort and should be as complete as possible. It will support the applicant fully on the three fronts of profile marketing, documentation, and presentation of data. Don’t worry. I’ll explain all this stuff and the thinking behind it. Once again, let me encourage you: Don’t become frustrated and think that all this is impossible. It’s not. You can do it. Perhaps the key question at this point is: Do you want to do it? Are you truly motivated to undertake a serious application to the Ivy League and other ultra-tough colleges? If so-and you’re qualified to compete-this information can make a difference for you. Now, let’s see how you might go about getting into HYPer University.