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Talkin’ Smack-a-demic: September ’15

It’s back to school time! College application season is getting into high gear, and test prep is in full swing, too. Visit the CC forums to get your questions answered or help out other members by sharing your own knowledge.

Are Colleges Going Too Far to Protect Students from Being Offended?
In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. It’s not just words from other students. Even professors find they have to choose their words carefully and avoid topics with even a whiff of controversy!
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Fake In-State Tuition Claim Leads to Felony Charge for Student’s Dad
In-state tuition remains one of the few bargains in higher education, so it’s no surprise that some families try to game the system. One University of Georgia student and her family are finding out that’s risky business. The student’s father rented a small apartment and claimed it as his principal residence, saving $37K in tuition. Not only did he have to reimburse the state, he got slapped with a felony charge of theft.
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Which Class Scares You the Most?
This discussion is just for fun. Or, if thinking about your most dreaded class isn’t fun, then for sympathy and commiseration. What’s your nemesis this fall? AP Bio? Calculus BC? Or something unpredictable and subjective like an English class?
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Is Rising Student Loan Debt Changing Millennial Behavior?
Millennials are delaying marriage, having children, and buying homes longer than past generations. Is this just an evolution of lifestyle preferences, or are record levels of education debt to blame. It’s clearly tougher to make major life commitments when one can barely make ends meet after making loan payments. CC members weigh in with their personal experiences.
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Did You Say Free College? An Overview of the Free Community College Movement
In January, President Obama announced an idea: “Make two years of college as free and universal as high school.” Called America’s College Promise, the proposal would make it possible for new college students to attend community or technical college free for two years. Is that realistic and achievable? Here’s an in-depth look at the “free community college” movement.
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Ask the Dean
Dream College vs. Big Scholarship
Question: I’ve gotten myself into quite the situation, basically this will boil down to: is the wisest option the cheapest option or the one best for my education? I am offered an incredible scholarship to attend a school, which does not have my major. I can take the exact course I want at my dream college, but it will be more expensive. I’m so torn between what I can afford and the educational experience I want. One might not get me the education I need and the other could drown me in debt. HELP!
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Admit This!
Regarding College Visits
As we head toward late August, many high school seniors are involved in a couple of important activities. First, they are preparing to return to school for the final chapter in their long run from K-12. Second, a good number of them are visiting colleges. Here are some tips for seniors heading for their final college visits as well as juniors just beginning to build their list and think about their first visits.
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