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Talkin’ Smack-a-demic: May ’15

Whew! Most seniors will have made their final decisions now, and will be starting to focus on wrapping up those pesky final classes and starting to get ready for college in the fall. Juniors will be getting more serious about rounding out their college list, planning visits, and getting those final tests and grades optimized before fall application season. Regardless of what part of the college process you are in, be sure to drop by the forums to get the help you need!

The Distance Question: How Far Away From Home Is OK?
One of the most perplexing questions in the college search process is how far to travel. Potential home sickness competes with a desire to get some space and independence by heading for a distant school. Frequent parent visits or weekend trips home may be seen as a plus by some and as something to be avoided at all costs by others. Where do you fall in the distances spectrum?
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Coming Soon: “Where Else Are You Applying?”
Due to changes in the Common App, you may find more schools asking to know where else you are applying. Does this make you nervous, and do you feel your admission prospects could be hurt by giving up this information? College expert Sally Rubenstone starts the discussion, and members weigh in with their concerns.
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Off to College: The Checklist
Once the final decision on where to attend is complete and the college notified, the planning for showing up as a freshman starts. From credit cards to dorm room accessories, here are some things to think about. Get advice from parents and students who have been through it before, and avoid the potential pitfalls of showing up unprepared or with the wrong stuff.
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Which Degrees are Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order of Jobs?
The world is changing … software engineers have companies competing to hire them at salaries of $200,000 in some cases, while other majors can’t find work. And, a combination of robots and artificial intelligence may change the face of work even more dramatically in the coming years. This thread is packed with resources, plus interesting discussion of future-proofing one’s career.
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How to Tell Your Kid You Can’t Afford His/Her Dream University?
Once upon a time, common wisdom was that if you could get into your dream school, you could find a way to pay for it. Loans, part time work, scholarships, and savings could almost always be combined to make things work. Today, that’s often not true. How does a family cope with an unaffordable dream school?
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Ask the Dean
Setting College Expectations for a 9th Grader
Setup: This 9th grader is already well into the planning process, but has chosen some dream schools that might be out of reach academically. How should her parents encourage her to achieve at the highest level, but not let her expectations set her up for disappointment?
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Admit This!
Wading into a Waitlist
While most college decisions are complete, or will be in a few days, there’s one set of students who are still in limbo … those with the dreaded “waitlist” designation. Should the student hang in there and hope? Or avoid the waitlist process and get on with life? Can one’s waitlist odds be improved? What are some specific tactics to go from “waitlisted” to “admitted?” College expert Dave Berry weighs in on waitlist woes.
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