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Talkin’ Smack-a-demic: July ’16

Wow, summer is flying by. Many high schools will be back in session in just a few weeks. For seniors, now is the time to get a jump on the application process. Or, if you are still building your list, to step up your research and, if possible, squeeze in a visit or two. Once school is back in session, things will be a whole lot busier and time will be scarce. But, you can rely on CC as the best place to get crowdsourced answers to almost any question you can imagine.

Is It Time to Ban Computers from Classrooms?
Computers are great for taking notes, but they are also a source of distraction. Is it a classroom of intense note-takers, is everyone doing something else? Are there back-channel discussions going on? CC members weigh in with their own experiences and opinions.
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Should I Talk about Being an Ardent Socialist in My Essay?
Conventional wisdom says steer clear of polarizing topics in your college essay. But, could a well-written, well-reasoned essay be a plus even though the topic might be controversial? What if the reader is of the opposite political persuasion? Good advice here, regardless of exactly what makes your essay topic contentious.
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5 Easy Tips for Improving Your SAT Score
Sure, you can get a book with hundreds of pages of SAT advice … But, here are five quick tips from Magoosh’s Chris Lele that may get you a few extra points. For example, if you find imaginary numbers confusing and phrasal verbs mysterious, should you spend a lot of time studying them? You might be surprised at the answer.
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What High Schoolers Need to Know About the PreACT
This March, the ACT announced its plans to unveil a new standardized test for high schoolers this fall: the PreACT. The test is supposed to “provide valuable insights on college and career readiness to students, educators, and schools while students still have time to make adjustments and improve.” So what is the PreACT, what will high schoolers get out of the exam, and how can students prepare? Writer Erica Cirino explains.
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Will Making College ‘Free’ Only Make It Worse?
At least one presidential hopeful has proposed making college free. The idea certainly appealed to many parents and students suffering from tuition sticker-shock. But is “free college” even possible? And if so, what would the ramifications be? Join the discussion that has attracted hundreds of posts from CC members.
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Ask the Dean
Will an Arts Submission Tie Me to an Arts Major?
Question: When I apply to colleges, should I submit an art portfolio and/or vocally audition to colleges if I am not sure I am going to major in Visual Arts, Music, or Business? Am I stuck in Arts or Music if I get accepted based on my portfolio or audition?
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Admit This!
Getting Essay Help: Peers and Fears
Starting to work on your college essays? Some students turn to “peer advising.” This practice is turning to your former classmates, friends, or other acquaintances (your peers) who have already gone through the college application process and have negotiated the hurdles associated with their various application essays. Is this a good idea?
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