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Talkin’ Smack-a-demic: July ’15

Even though the first day of summer was last week, the season is in full swing. What’s on your agenda? A driving vacation that includes a few obligatory college visits? Squeezing in some work or volunteer experience? Or planning that college dorm room? Whatever advice you need (or want to share!), be sure to drop by the forums to get the help you need!

How to Prepare for the First Set of College Visits
College visits can be expensive and time consuming. They often consume much family vacation time. Plus, you usually only get one chance to visit each school. Yet, these visits are often not all that informative and memories start to blur by the third or fourth school. This massive thread compiles advice from CC members on how to get ready for this important part of the college process.
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Summer Test Prep and the New 2016 ACT
The ACT is increasingly popular because of its emphasis on broader achievement than the SAT. But, changes to the ACT are coming. For example, there will be four new “Readiness Indicator” scores aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Test expert Erica Cirino explains the changes and offers advice on how to use summer to prepare for the new ACT.
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Which College Has the Best Logo
One article put the University of Texas Longhorn at the top of the list, along with the Oregon “O,” the University of Miami’s “U,” and the Notre Dame “ND” monogram. But, as you might expect, CC members immediately weighed in with their own favorites. How about the Florida State Seminole, for example? Jump into the discussion and name your favorite. Or, your least favorite!
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The SAT’s 5-minute Mess-Up
The College Board announced that due to a timing problem, two sections of the most recent SAT won’t be scored. Some CC members dismiss the change as not too significant, while others think the curve could be affected and that students should be allowed a free retake. Did you take this test? Weigh in with your thoughts on the fairness of this move.
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Should You Consider a Same-Sex College?
Is a same-sex college right for you? The options for same-sex education are dwindling, but such schools are still available. Does same-sex schooling make girls more assertive and boys more cooperative? Or is it just delaying entry into the real world and preparing students poorly for gender-integrated workplaces? Writer David White discusses the pros, cons, and research.
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Ask the Dean
Changing College Plans in the Summer After Senior Year
Question: Probably not many high school seniors will have this dilemma, but it’s more common than you might expect. What if the school that seemed great when you sent your deposit in is now less alluring? Or, you get an offer to come off the waitlist at your original first choice?
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Admit This!
Holistic College Admissions
A thread about the topic of “holistic college admissions” sparked a firestorm of discussion at CC. Our college expert Dave Berry was the person who started it, and now he extracts some of the most interesting commentary. Does it really produce a well-rounded and compatible class of students? Does it allow enough transparency in the admissions process? Or is it just a sneaky way to give preferential treatment?
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