8.01 vs. 8.012 for non physics majors

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By Dewgrl55 (Dewgrl55) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 05:46 pm: Edit

I know it's been asked but I'm asking again - 8.01 vs. 8.012 for non-physics majors (more specifically, Course 6 majors). I know 8.012 is more challenging, but will taking it be beneficial for a Course 6 major? More beneficial than just taking 8.01?

Furthermore, I've heard that 8.022 is for physics diehards and physics majors. I take it that a Course 6-er doesn't need the advanced E&M then?


By Nhlgoalie (Nhlgoalie) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 06:24 pm: Edit

and what about 8.01T...sigh

By Dewgrl55 (Dewgrl55) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 06:26 pm: Edit

MIT should have a student-written review book about classes to take freshman year.

By 08beaver (08beaver) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 09:41 pm: Edit

when do we pick, say, whether to go into 8.01 or 8.012? Do we have to take a placement test? Do we just talk to our advisor when we get there? Does that mean that we'll only have like 2 days to get our books, eliminating the ordering online option?

By Mitwannabe (Mitwannabe) on Friday, June 11, 2004 - 10:41 pm: Edit

check out the textbook for 8.012. when there are no pretty colorful pictures on the front, you know you're in for long nights, haha. i dont think u need a placement for 8.012, you just decide which one you want. good question thouhg, reagrding whether you can switch back early if you don't like it

By Jarchivist (Jarchivist) on Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 12:00 pm: Edit

8.012 doesn't require anything special to take it, same with every other class that has "flavors": your advisor might try to talk you out of it but as long as you have any required prereqs (and sometimes this gets waived), you can take basically whatever you want. I don't think advisors are allowed to *not sign* your reg forms -- I know someone who did 108 credits and their advisor still signed their reg.

Concourse (two years ago), allowed people to take 8.01/8.012 in some wacky format so that you don't get penalized if you dropped from .012 to .01 halfway through term (if you switch late, usually a few exams have passed, and you're basically screwed). I can't quite remember how it works... contact Cheryl (concourse admin) with questions -- tell her I sent you, hehe :)

By Dunadan (Dunadan) on Saturday, June 12, 2004 - 10:38 pm: Edit

If you think you might like to study something physics-oriented in EE
down the line, such as semiconductor physics or quantum electrodynamics,
the rigor of 8.012 and 8.022 will give you early exposure to the way the
advanced subjects are treated.

By Quakerboy2 (Quakerboy2) on Sunday, June 13, 2004 - 11:19 pm: Edit

So, I took 8.01 and 8.022. 1st semester, I was course 6, now I'm course 8. So, the only reason I can think of to take 8.012 is that you have taken a non-calc-based physics before, and you want to learn it. I did that, and I completely got by in 8.01 without learning any of the necessary calc. I used concepts the entire time, and never did a single integral in that class. Also, I hear the teachers aren't ever that great in 8.012. So, basically, I don't see any reason to take 8.012 unless you want to get a better Newtonian physics background, which isn't that useful in 6.

8.022, on the other hand, I highly recommend. For one, the teacher (new this year, probably will be teaching next year also) is amazing. This isn't just my opinion. I have not talked to a single person in the class who didn't like the lectures, and I attended all but one (accidentally slept through it. For comparison, I didn't attend more than 75% of any other lecture, either semester, in any other class). As for the actual material, you learn it better, I'd say. You will probably need at least some of the circuits stuff for course 6, and it's good to have a solid background. Thirdly, you get out of 8.02T. Very few people really liked 8.02T (I have met a couple, but by and large, nobody really likes the format), and since they've done away with the standard lecture/recitation format for 8.02, you have to put up with TEAL (unless you take 8.02x or are in ESG). That's a real benefit, and one of the stronger reasons that I signed up for 8.022. I did it because they grade on attendance, and attendance has never been my strong suite.

So, all in all, I'd recommend taking extra numbers if you like physics. If you're taking the classes because they're required, take 8.01 and 8.02. It might help a little bit in the future to challenge yourself now, but it's not worth it if it's only pain for future gain.

-Just a freshman physics major

By Jarchivist (Jarchivist) on Monday, June 14, 2004 - 12:25 am: Edit

and for those who aren't advanced at physics at all, 8.02T is not a good way to start -- lack of lecture left half my class (the ones who didn't know any E&M ) really confused. I personally like lecture for physics: Concourse still offers a lecture-based 8.02 (and has fantastic tutors and lecturer for 8.01 and 2).

Some people I know (physics majors now) loved ESG's 8.022: small class sizes meant they got a lot out of it.

By Goddess32585 (Goddess32585) on Thursday, June 17, 2004 - 12:28 am: Edit

so, i took 8.01T my first term b/c it looked a lot like the physics class i'd taken in high school, which i'd loved, and i figured i'd need a class with mandatory attendance to keep my ass in line. and i was right, in that 8.01 wouldn't have been fun at all (i have attendance issues with lectures, like quakerboy) and 8.012 would've been lots of ugly math. i lucked out, admittedly...the beauty of taking TEAL first term is that, by and large, it's filled with people who also want to be there, which makes a huge difference in class participation. also, our prof teaches for ESG, so he was used to engaging people. I had an awesome time, but mostly b/c it's the sort of class i'm suited to. if you're not, TEAL is not a good choice; if you don't get out of it for 8.02, you're in ••••. and yes, 8.022 is bloody awesome, even though it was quite painful for a while. then again, i'm also currently a physics major, so i'm only slightly biased :)

for what it's worth, my 8.01t prof mentioned the last time i talked to him that he wants me to be a TA for the class next fall...pointing out both that he's an awesome guy and that if you decide to take it, it'll be boatloads of fun!

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